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Things To Know Before You Adopt A Pug Puppy

The current pandemic situation has meddled with the mental well-being of the majority of people. Therapists have reported a rise in the case of mental illness during the pandemic. They have stated how numerous people were suffering from anxiety and depression due to isolation and have sought therapeutic aid. However, the rise in patients could not be meted out with therapy due to therapists’ scarcity. The vital reason behind seeking treatment is loneliness. No matter how externally robust or practical we may seem, but deep down, we all are a child craving some company. And animals have always proved good companions for lonely hours. Some therapy clinics have also included interaction sessions with animals since it has uplifted patients’ deprived spirits and shown better results compared to talk session therapies.

When it comes to choosing a companion, dogs’ Pug breed proves to be the best type of companion. Their playful demeanor is remedial. They were revered in Egypt and served as “companion dogs” for Tibetan Buddhists. Since pugs can survive in regions of moderate climate, they are suitable for first-time dog owners. They are small-sized breeds and can be categorized into different types based on their skin color. Although black and white pugs are the two major types of pugs, a variation in breeds has resulted in various kinds of white pugs. Check out

Thus, mentioned below are the categories of white pugs and some physical features of both black and white pugs –

White pugs/ Fawn pugs – They are the generic color that pug owners prefer. Their face appears like it is covered with a black mask (also known as a “melanistic covering”), making them seem superhero. Their skin color has a light yellowish tanned texture very similar to off-white. There are two sub-categories under this type, namely –

  1. Apricot Fawn – This breed has a deeper skin color than the generic Fawn, resembling an orange or golden texture.
  2. Silver fawn – Silver fawn pug puppies aren’t readily available since they are the rarest of all fawns. Their skin color ranges from light grey to white.
  3. Black pugs – Black pugs are pitch-black in color and usually have a white blemish like a chest spot. Their black skin color was considered a congenital disability by former breeders, but Queen Victoria owned many black pugs. Since then, black pugs have gained popularity among commoners. Though not generic black pugs for sale are readily available in contrary to Silver Fawn puppiesso one must not let the breeder charge them extra money by stating that black pugs are a rare breed due to their skin color. 

Apart from these things, there is some additional information that every first-time pug owner should know. They are as follows –

 When it comes to grooming Pugs, they should be brushed every week to dust off loose hairs. 

  • Bathing is concerned that can be done as per need and should be regulated to once a month. While cleaning the facial part of one’s Pug that abounds in wrinkles, the approach should be gentle. It should be cleaned using a cotton ball to thoroughly wash off the infection-causing bacteria that might surface around their face. Since Pugs have protruding eyes, only ‘pug-friendly shampoos’ must be used to prevent irritation in the eyes. Their teeth are also liable for catching a gum disease, so a regular brushing of the teeth is recommended.
  • Their diet includes ‘forty calories per pound of their body weight’ every day. This amount keeps decreasing with an increase in age. Till the period of six months, these puppies need to be fed a day thrice; from six months on, they should two times a day, and as soon as they become adults, once a meal is enough. Pugs can become greedy, but the owner should prevent them from feeding them any surplus amount of food out of compassion since gaining weight will add to breathing difficulty.
  • They need to be taken for a walk twice a day, for twenty minutes each. Black pugs are prone to experiencing a sense of uneasiness in the scorching daylight; therefore, one should prefer taking them for walks after sunset. While taking them for walks, they should be tied to a ‘full-body harness’ instead of a ‘neck harness’ since it prevents exerting complete pressure on the neck only.

 Many places conduct seasonal discounts for pug puppies. So, to avail of such offers, one can quickly go online and search for Pug puppies for sale if they can’t afford to own a pug puppy above that range.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal