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The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your TikTok Audience as an Utter Beginner

TikTok is such a massive platform with all that jazz and spotlight effects, people love what the place is beginning to become. However, there is always a critical viewpoint, some say that the platform is overrated, while the others are grateful for all the attention they have attained via TikTok. It all boils down to perspectives and what you want to make out of it. You can initiate the process and buy TikTok followers to increase your first-hand visibility. 

TikTok has not only given young adults and teens an area to showcase their talents and represent themselves, but also provided many golden-age people with a stage to make them feel heard and seen. 

TikTok’s Popularity 

How to gain Tik Tok following?” is one of the most googled questions all over the globe and many chunks of information already exist there on the web. The tricks we offer, however, are tried, tested and a little different from what you have read so far about Tik Tok. We have compiled an insight-focused checklist rather than just brushing up on the surface areas. In this article, you’ll get in-depth elements that you can learn about and thoroughly include in your practice.

The Insight Booster Tips 

While most of the content of Tiktok is focused on hard or outside skills, there are only a few channels that include soft skills like better communication, managing stressful comments, and learning about potential viewers. This probably is a fair indication that you’re keeping an eye on how well your audience knows about you. 

Tiktok is blowing up at the speed of a jet, and you’re not alone who is thriving to make a difference in this cut-throat competition. Sure, there are a lot of insightful ideas that can make you gain worldwide popularity but there’s always something that is demanded from you as a creator. Its consistency and sticking to what we have to offer. Keep your sights straight and there’s nothing so tricky that you cannot tackle. 

That being said, let’s fast forward to the essence of this article: 

  • Keep a Consistent Record of Timings: Your insight section is a hidden power that you can benefit largely from. All you need to do is, check what time your specific audience is most active, then what time of the day generally, there’s increased activity on the platform and find a proportionate time, which lies somewhere in the middle of them both. 

Now,  our recommendation is to post about 45 minutes before the time you’ve derived. To help you further, listed below is the timing when the Tiktok audience is most active in general. 

  1. Monday – AM: 6:00, 10:00, PM : 10:00 
  2. Tuesday – AM: 2:00, 4:00, 9:00
  3. Wednesday – AM  : 7:00, 8:00, 11:00
  4. Thursday –  AM: 9:00,12:00,7:00 
  5. Friday-   AM: 5:00, PM: 1:00, 7:00 
  6. Saturday – AM : 11:00 
  7. Sunday: AM: 7:00, 8:00, 4:00 

You can also try to post using the on/off days method where you’ll be posting on one day and then resting for the other, however, you need to keep engaging with other accounts in your niche every day. 

  • Try and Start Small Collaborations: Okay, so pretty obvious that you’re just starting and know very little about the connections and leads to already established people. Let’s face it, it is going to take time, no one just comes and conquers it all of a sudden. 

To collaborate with larger groups, start with being a part of smaller or medium groups first, let’s say if you want to collaborate with a person with 1M followers, you need to start with someone who has 100k first or even less. Don’t shy away and set unrealistic standards for yourself. You’ll only end up disappointed. 

  • Brush Up Your Selling Skills with 5 Second Hooks : Now, whenever the word ‘Sell’ pops up, we relate it with a product or a service. Whereas this is the most helpful insight if you want to own a business-related account on Tiktok it’s also useful for those who are building a personal brand. Sellable content is basically what lurks the viewer in for the first time. Within the first 5 seconds, your viewer needs to get hooked on your video otherwise, they’ll scroll down and you’ll miss the shot. There are numerous ways to grab the attention of your potential audience, you can share a breathtaking fact about one of the most common things, you can solve an unresolved issue, you can be a little more creative and curate a story hook-like “Storytime”. This kind of content sells and generates the results that you were waiting for all this while. 

While there are many other tricks that you’ve read and heard of already like using hashtags, getting into trendy challenges and finding your special arena, these are a few ideas that will, in addition, develop a user-friendly platform to last much longer and establish your brand perpetually. 

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