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The Top 5 Reasons to Go Solar with a Hybrid Inverter

Solar inverters technology is becoming advanced and popular day by day. And since their installation has become so easy, and affordable, many homeowners are choosing to go solar with hybrid inverters instead of traditional grid-tie inverters. To help you make the best choice possible, this article explains why hybrid solar inverters are the best choice for many people, including yours truly! To learn more about hybrid solar inverters and to see if they’re right for you, keep reading.

1)   Increased Savings

By adding an inverter, you’ll be able to store energy and use it when needed. By installing a hybrid solar inverter, you’ll use less grid electricity than if you were using traditional grid-tie inverters. Hybrid inverters are not only grid-tied but they also use solar power for all your electrical needs. This will save you money on your monthly electric bill because you won’t have to rely on utility companies as much for your power needs. Most of the time, a large percentage of power is produced by your solar panels while you are at work or asleep. With a hybrid inverter, you can put that excess power into storage so that it can be used later in time resulting in huge savings on grid electricity.

2)   Multi Modes Operation

Hybrid Inverters allow you to operate your solar panels in grid-tie mode, off-grid mode, or a backup mode. This gives you flexibility and peace of mind that you will always have power when it’s needed most. And if there is ever an outage, you can use your hybrid inverter as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to keep everything running in the absence of local grid electricity. Their multi modes of operation make them ideal for both residential and commercial applications. You can switch between different modes as needed by simply pressing a button on your inverter, it is also programmed to switch automatically.

3)   Continuous Power Monitoring & Regulation

A hybrid inverter works as an energy management system that allows you to monitor and regulate your solar power generation and usage. A non-hybrid inverter can’t do either of these things. A 3kW Hybrid Solar Inverter easily handles up to 3000W power generation by the PV system and intelligently switches between off-grid to on-grid modes to regulate the required power. If solar panels are not producing enough electricity during bad weather then it automatically regulate power supply and switches over to using grid power so you don’t run out of electricity. This makes sure that your appliances will always be powered even when there isn’t any sun shining on your roof.

4)   Higher efficiency and more stable Performance

With hybrid inverters, you get both pure sine wave output and multi-mode power regulation, leading to the best overall performance of your solar installation. This means that your system will be more efficient, stable, and reliable over time. The hybrid inverter provides maximum efficiency for your installed solar system and a stable power supply from day one. Hybrid inverters are equipped with automatic voltage control, which allows them to switch back and forth between grid power and solar power without any loss of electricity. You can set the priority supply sequence of solar, battery power, and city power as per your energy needs and get maximum performance.

5)   Flexibility to add more Solar Panels

If you think you may want to go solar but aren’t quite sure yet, a hybrid inverter will allow you to start small and expand later. This is a great option for those who don’t know if they can afford it or want to add more solar panels in the future. With a traditional inverter, you must have enough panels from day one to power your entire home. A hybrid inverter allows you to begin by powering a part of your home before adding more panels as finances permit. It also makes it easier to expand than adding an additional traditional inverter.