The Strategies For The Betting Exchange

The Strategies For The Betting Exchange

When it comes to betting, one of the most recurring topics concerns strategies for betting on football or other sports, it often comes across articles on the Net that claim to have found the recipe for winning the bookmakers. This is impossible. There are no magic formulas or 100% safe bets. 

Instead, what you can do is acquire the necessary knowledge to limit errors as much as possible and develop a strategy suited to your style of play.

As it is often referred to because it resembles financial trading, the betting exchange lends itself to various techniques. The secret is to find a share of value and bet on it or lay down a result that they are convinced will not occur. The sports betting & odds Kenya change often, and the potential gain or potential loss varies with them.

The best strategies for the betting exchange:

  • The psychological aspect is fundamental: choose the right match and whether to bet or lay
  • Timing is everything: try to understand when to make cashout by exiting the bet at the right time
  • Bet on multiple outcomes simultaneously in multi-choice markets (such as Correct Score)
  • Please take advantage of the movements of the odds, betting when they are excessively high and bank when they fall
  • Study + method: consult the statistics and write down the odds needed to make a profit with a betting calculator

First of all important to choose the game well. The unpredictable ones and those with poor results are the riskiest. The bets on under/Over are very productive, which lend themselves more to statistical calculations. 

You’ve probably heard of them before, but value bets are perhaps the biggest key to success. However, what comes closest to the Holy Grail of betting strategies on football and sports, in general, are the bets of value, the ones that can give us the greatest guarantee of profit. 

What is a value bet, and how is it recognized?

The bookmaker establishes them according to his theories and his calculations, but sometimes it can happen that they do not fully reflect reality. Even the operators can commit some false step or that your calculations are simply different. When this gap is significant, you are faced with a value bet.

With a value bet, the percentages you have of winning are significantly higher than those given by the betting site. However, finding a share of this type is not so simple: you need time, dedication, and personal skills. The latter is, in fact, essential for making plausible estimates. The personal evaluation differs a little from that of the bookmaker is not enough. The difference must be consistent for the convenience to be real.

In practice, it is a question of multiplying the odds given by the bookmaker by the percentage that you believe represents the real possibility that a result will come out. The whole must therefore be divided by 100. If this calculation returns a figure greater than 1, you are faced with a value bet. Let’s take, for example, a winning team with odds of 2.50. Therefore, the operator evaluated the possibility that this team would win at 40% (2.50 / 100).

According to the team’s latest results and perhaps following an injury to a key player of the opposing team, they believe instead that it is more reasonable to say that that club has a 45% chance of collecting the 3 points. 

To understand if you are facing a value bet, the calculation to be done will therefore be: (2.50 * 45) / 100. The result is 1.12: you can speak of value because the figure is greater than one. In the example, you will have a value of 12.50, the result of the operation (2.50 * 45) -100. Last clarification: there is no value bet sites, but operators who, from time to time, “click” the share on a given meeting.

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