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The Process of Ageing – 5 Steps

The ageing process is a normal part of life. This stage of life must be experienced at one’s own time and speed. Ageing, in its broadest meaning, refers to all of the changes that occur throughout one’s lifetime. An age calculator can help you to know about your age and determine your next birthday as well. Ageing is exciting to the young. In the middle years of your calculate age you will observe age-related changes such as grey hair, wrinkled skin, and a degree of physical decline.

You may be living a healthiest and most attractive life cannot deny these changes. An age calculator is basically designed to predict your phase of life so that you become familiar with how old you have grown till now. Slow and gradual physical decline and functional inability are observed in old age, culminating in greater dependency. As you know all it is a biological phenomenon that begins with conception and ends with death.

Before assuming about your ageing stage try to explore your age. A birthday calculator age is one of the great excesses that will describe your age with a click of a button. However, the structures by which each community makes sense of old age affect the ageing process. In most developed countries, the age of 60 is regarded as retirement age, and it is also seen as the start of old age.

In this article, you will learn five stages of Ageing. Let’s start!


This is a stage of being entirely self-sufficient. At this point, you are self-sufficient and live in your own homes, flats, or etc. You don’t need help from anyone in your daily tasks like housework, bathing, dressing, medications, cooking, or budgeting. You are not even dependent on others to manage your health issues. An age calculator is one of the great tool that will tell you whether you belong to the 1st stage of life or not.

Try to stay active and follow different methods to live a healthy life. You enjoy a social life and make you involved in a social community. You should also make preparations for your future care needs, such as appointing medical and financial power of attorney, continuing to practice financial planning, and selecting residential planning in advance. Apart from that, older citizens’ lives are similar to those of middle-aged people.


This stage lasts for many of you into your 50s and 60s. An online age in months calculator will determine your age more accurately if you have doubt about being you In 50s or 60s. You are capable of taking care of yourself and your siblings or people around you in ordinary situations. Transportation, finances, health care, and housework do not create any issue for you.

At this stage of life, it is possible your physical or mental activities may be decreased, but they do not affect your life in a negative way. Being an active or healthy human, it is possible for you to spend a life of freedom or sound health in your 70s and even 80s. An age calculator will give authentic results about your age. This era is very important for you if you are a woman.  It includes the important hormonal adjustments of menopause for you.

Menstruation slows and eventually stops as oestrogen levels drop. Hot flashes, mood swings, dry skin, and poor sleep may affect your daily life. You are so enthusiastic to five emotional support to different people. Being a man your hormones decrease.

This can lead to a decrease in energy and a loss of muscular mass, among other things. However, it is rarely as drastic as menopause. You can enjoy the colours of life even when you are facing ageing changes in your 60s. You are independent and capable of running your own duties independently.


At this stage of life, you may notice a gradual, progressive decline in physiological functioning as you grow highly dependent on others for daily activities like bathing, cooking, and shopping. You’re dealing with several chronic diseases and discomfort at this point. You may need to engage outside support for personal care due to your advanced requirement for support. If you are facing any problem in assuming your stage of life, an age calculator is one of the great approaches to know your stage of life.

Crisis Management:

The vast majority of patients require round-the-clock care by the time they reach these last two stages. So if you reach this stage of life and experience these situations you may require quick access to high-quality health-care facilities. Here the need is to use an age calculator that determines your age cycle.

As a result of these requirements, independent living facilities, nursing homes, and even hospital care take precedence over home care. Similar to the dependent stage, many of you reach these last two starting in your late 70s. However, due to the complex nature of this process, you may experience this early. Try to use a birthday calculator that will describe your age. It is possible that you may not find work until much later in life. You should be honest about how you are doing and respond properly to the people around you.

This period may fill you with worry or sorrow if you are facing mental or physical health problems due to your ageing process. You should not be worried about it because this is quite natural. Even with these feelings, you can manage the latter stages gracefully.

Now this is the time you depend on others for care and attention. It’s all part of living a full life.

End of Life:

With the help of an age calculator, it is easy for you to get awareness about your last stage of life. If you are of this age, you are leading the last part of your life. At what age your last stage of life gets started is clearly described via the birthday calculator age that helps you calculate age swiftly. This phase can make you depressed or sad with the thoughts that you can die at any time. If you get strong emotional and spiritual support from your family, neighbours, and friends, you can lead this phase of life peacefully and happily.

If you understand that you are appreciated and loved, and never feels alone, positive ageing can last until death. At this point, the household care giver’s most crucial role is to simply be present and emotionally available to you.


Well you go through different phases or stages of life as you get older. It’s helpful to think about calculate age in terms of these stages. You can check your age on the age calculator. At every age you experience different responsibilities.

Sanket Goyal
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