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Shipping Bulk Liquid

The Primary Benefits of Shipping Your Bulk Liquid via Anahuac Transport

For businesses shipping cargo overseas, ocean freight shipping is a great choice from an economical viewpoint. Although it’s the most traditional option for shipping freights, its demand is escalating with the growing amount of import and export services. With the evolving technology, nowadays, cargo ships are made extremely robust with high capacity and safe for delivery of hazardous products like toxic chemical compounds, petroleum, and so on.

Apart from cost-effectiveness, ocean shipping offers a magnitude of other advantages as follows:


Unarguably, shipping your liquid bulk chemicals via marine enables you to fetch the most cost-effective shipping charges, particularly for long distances compared to other options. As long as your shipping destination is overseas, you have two options, either waterways or air cargo. Moreover, sending hazardous is absolutely restricted while sending other materials its cost tends to be 4-6 times higher than sea shipping. In fact for international freight marine transport is the most effective way to deliver bulk-quality items.

Anahuac Transport is a specialized shipping company based in the US and is known for bulk delivery of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. The drivers, technical staff, and other loading/unloading staff of the company are highly experienced and specially trained to handle petroleum and toxic chemical shipping. It is also operating with equipment and safety mechanisms to conform to the rule, regulations, and standards of DOT.

Huge cargo capability

One of the biggest advantages that you should opt for waterway freight shipping is that cargo ships are designed to carry a huge load and equally they have a skilled team for loading and unloading bulky cargo. Such cargo may carry large vehicles, equipment, chemicals, petroleum products, construction materials, etc. The higher carrying capacity of them enables you to send your voluminous consignment at one time, rather than making part deliveries by road increasing your cost. Precisely, depending on the location of shipping and your shipment capacity you can go for either ocean shipping or roadway shipping.


When it comes to safety matters, cargo ships are specifically engineered to carry hazardous and non-hazardous materials safely. With a long presence in the industry, the folks of Anahuac Transport are seasoned in the handling of such materials and adhere to regulations strictly ensuring lawful and safe transportation and delivery of your shipments. The group also offers personalized shipping solutions and flawless logistical services.

Environmentally friendly

Opposed to sea shipping, air and road shipping forms have greater carbon footprints, which is undeniably friendly to our nature mother. In fact, ships offer the most carbon-efficient way of shipping and discharge a negligible amount of gas against each ton of freight transported in comparison to other shipping solutions.


Regardless of the size and volume of your freight, cargo ships can easily accommodate your cargo requirements. Smaller shipments are typically grouped alongside other cargo for filling up a container, enabling you to avail of cost-sharing transportation services from the provider. With a great management team, they ensure efficient shipping services whether you go for bulk or smaller consignment delivery with the highest efficiency level.