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quality of their cushion covers

The precautionary measures and maintenance discipline to make your cushion covers durable

Washing is the most basic part of maintaining a cushion cover. The best way of washing couch cushion covers is to follow a delicate, cold cycle. Use a dye-free pod or detergent. It’s crucial to zip your cushion covers to ensure that they don’t experience damage or entanglement. 

  • Line dry or hang your cushion covers. Don’t use a machine dryer. The dryer’s shrink or heat may damage the fabric. 
  • Before washing the covers, you need to follow a few steps to prevent any damage to the covers.
  • Washing the couch covers depends on the cushion fabric. You can wash some fabrics in the washing machine. 
  • Ask your furniture manufacture, store, or fabric person about the washing machine aspect. 
  • You don’t create all fabric in the equal length and manner. You can weave upholstery fabric in multiple fibers.
  • Stabilize them different forms of backing. There are leading companies that can categorize the several lines of fabric on the basis of their specialty. 

The important pointers

Everyone knows that sofas add a royal and charming touch to your home’s interiors. However, the main hassle emanates from sofa cushion covers. On most occasions, people struggle to maintain the cleanliness and quality of their cushion covers

  • These covers are generally delicate and touchy in terms of their zipper, designs, quality, fabric, and many more. 
  • You need to dry clean your cushion cover if it consists of wool fabric or silk.
  • If it’s a cotton cushion cover, it can undergo both machine-washing and hand-washing. 
  • Experts tell that if your cushion cover comprises a zipper, you need to close it while putting it inside a washing machine.
  • You need to remember that you must the cushion cover before putting it inside the washing machine. Put the setting to low.
  • If the cover already entails decoration, you need to clean with proper care.
  • There are certain cases, where the covers are very difficult to clean and wash. At this juncture, experts recommend you use a dedicated cushion pad to clean the cover.

You need to remember that cushion covers are an integral part of household utility products. More often, they acquire several layers of dirt and dust along with stubborn food stains and body oils. Since the covers are a protective material for your prized cushions, its appropriate use can enhance the cushion’s life in the long run.

A professional and easy cleaning

One of the simplest ways of cleaning your couch cushion covers is to use the soap and water combination. The method works perfectly well with every type of spill. 

  • You will need things like dry cloths, a cup of lukewarm water, mild enzyme detergent, spray bottle, and a soft brittle brush or sponge.
  • After prepping the area, you can make a cleaning solution. Put some enzyme determent to the lukewarm water. 
  • Add the solution to the bottle or jar and mist the stain or/and spill. The third step is to brush the cover. Use the brush to work the DIY solution on the soiled portion. 

Make sure you don’t scrub the area. The stains need blotting and not rubbing when you’re cleaning the spills. 

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