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Digital Marketing

The Next Step in the World of Marketing

Excessive usage of internet and Digital devices has given birth to this New and Advance tool of Marketing in our world that is Digital Marketing. 

It has become a Unique and Innovative way of marketing brand in front of Millions of People. In a Short period of Time it has Shown tremendous benefits to the world and that is the reason Companies and Organizations are Diverging there Future Planning of Business from Traditional to Digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing V/S Tradition Marketing

To make People Know about this versatile Marketing Method there is a Need to show its Comparison with Traditional Market.  This will make People Clear in Broader way. 

  1. Digital Marketing is a Low cost Method; it doesn’t require any single Penny from you to advertise your Brand in market. On the Other hand Traditional Market is Costly where huge investment is requiring advertising brand.
  2. It is Present worldwide; Millions of People can view Your Brand through out the world and make purchase from it. On the other hand traditional Market is limited within area and hardly few people get to know about it and Show some Interest. 
  3. Digital marketing consist of Advance Tools like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Affiliate Marketing all the Method are Cost Effective and Efficient. As Compared to traditional where printing were the only Method and That to Very Costly.
  4. Promotion made Through Digital Platform Can is modified anytime as per the Need and Requirement of Customer. But In Traditional once you have published your Ad then You cannot make any changes. 
  5. Direct Communication with Audiences is Possible in Digital Marketing through Phone call,  Message,  Video call and live sessions where You can Clear All the doubts of People and Solve there Queries Instantly. But in Traditional you cannot make Direct Communication with People and Even you have to wait for Almost a Week to see the response of your Ad in market. 
  6. Digital Marketing consist of Advance Tool like Google Analytic where you can track record of How many Customers visited your site,  which Product is viewed the most and Which Page is mostly seen.  Through this you can make Changes in your website and Provide Customer what they need. On the Other hand No such tool is Available in Traditional market. 
  7. There is No time limit to Access any Website available on Digital Marketing you can use it 24/7 as per your Convenience. But in traditional there is time slot to open and close Shop that is 10-6 which can be different in every Area. 
  8. Social Sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the most famous Mobile application of Online Marketing which can be easily installed and Use. But in Traditional time Mobile phones were also Not Advance for Marketing as they were only used For Phone Calls. 

All the above points make us clear that Digital marketing is far better than traditional marketing in every Aspect. Online Market has become compulsory for Companies to make there presence in world for today and Tomorrow. 

About The Author

Gaurav Digital is a digital marketing expert, educator & branding expert having more than a decade experience. Currently he heads Delhi Courses an institute best known for digital marketing course in Delhi.

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