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The Most Extended Games in the MLB History

In baseball, there is no such thing as running out of time, which is only one of the numerous reasons why the sport is so popular. In the game of baseball, there is always the chance of a comeback. The game is not done until you get the 27th out; even then, it may go on for a significant amount of time beyond that. NBA news today gives you all the latest updates about the current baseball games.

Of course, games that go into extra innings are a common occurrence in Major League Baseball. However, a few games in the history of MLB took things to the extreme. Every once in a while, two teams will meet on the field and create a game that lasts far longer than a single game should ever have any business continuing – sometimes even past the threshold of 20 innings.

Here is a list of the most extended games that significantly stir Major League Baseball news.

Brooklyn Robins vs. Boston Braves (1-1)  on May 1, 1920.

The Major League Baseball record for the longest game in terms of innings may have been broken; the game was called due to darkness after it had already gone on for 26 innings. The score was 1-1 when the game was called due to a draw between the Robins, the franchise’s forerunners, and the Braves. The total running time of the program was just three hours and fifty minutes.

Ivy Olson, the leadoff hitter for the Brooklyn team, drove home a run with a single in the fifth inning by hitting it over the head of Rabbit Maranville, the Hall of Fame shortstop. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Boston’s Tony Boeckel hit a single to center field, which allowed the tying run to score. At Braves Field, the score remained 0-0 after 20 innings until the evening hours arrived.

Chicago White Sox vs. Milwaukee Brewers (7–6) on May 8, 1984.

This is the most time-consuming game in the history of Major League Baseball. It was necessary to finish it over two days, which took eight hours and six minutes.

On May 8, the game got underway. At Comiskey Park, where there were 14,754 people present, the two sides battled it out for 17 innings until the game was called off at 1 in the morning with the score tied 3-3. According to the rules of the American League, no further innings may start after that point in the game.

After establishing a two-run lead in the top of the ninth inning, it seemed as if Milwaukee would prevail through regulation and win the game. The White Sox were down to their last out and facing Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers when they staged a comeback and tied the game. Julio Cruz’s double and Rudy Law’s single were the critical hits in this comeback.

The St. Louis Cardinals vs. the New York Mets (4-3) on September 11, 1974.

The 13,460 spectators who showed out at Shea Stadium on this particular Wednesday evening in September were utterly unaware of what was in store for them: A match that lasted seven hours and four minutes and didn’t conclude at 3:13 in the morning, making it the longest continuous Major League game (by innings) in which a victor was determined. For the Mets, Jerry Koosman entered the ninth inning with a 3-1 lead, but he allowed Ken Reitz to tie the game with a home run with two outs on the board.

The Houston Astros vs. New York Mets (1-0) on April 15, 1968.

It would seem that the Mets prefer participating in games that go on for an exceptionally long time. They played 24 innings against the Astros in Houston six years before they played 25 innings in Flushing. Unbelievably, the game remained scoreless until the bottom of the 24th inning, the most extended period that any game played in the Major Leagues has ever been scoreless.

At the beginning of the marathon game at the Astrodome that lasted six hours and six minutes, Hall of Famer Tom Seaver pitched for the Mets, while Don Wilson pitched for the Astros. Both of the starting players were performing at a high level. Wilson had a scoreless nine and only allowed five hits to his opponents.

The Detroit Tigers vs. Philadelphia Athletics (1-0) on July 21, 1945.

The Tigers and the A played the longest game in the American League (AL) history until the White Sox and the Brewers broke their mark forty years later. This game finished in a draw, the same as the record-setting match between the Braves and the Robins, which went for 26 innings.

The baseball game between the two teams occurred on Saturday afternoon at Shibe Park in Philadelphia. It lasted for a short four hours and 48 minutes, during which all 24 innings were played. The Tigers and the A only utilized two pitchers in their starting rotations.

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