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Outdoor Apparel

The Modern Outdoor Apparel Trends and Must-Haves

Back then, most outdoor apparel companies release an outerwear collection every winter season. In recent years, however, with outdoor gear and apparel becoming a worldwide trend for different subgenres in streetwear, companies are releasing different collections to keep up with public demand. Many established fashion brands are also teaming up with companies that specialize in outdoor apparel for different collaborative releases. 

Because of the growing trend in outdoor apparel, streetwear enthusiasts are lining up to get a hold of new these limited edition collaborative pieces no matter how exorbitant prices can get. This phenomenon has also elevated what was otherwise a more straightforward design concept behind outdoor apparel and has made it synonymous with high-end fashion clothing. 

Companies are also competing to come up with high-tech textiles that are engineered to function and perform in extreme weather conditions without sacrificing comfort and design. Though outerwear is meant to be worn in outdoor excursions, streetwear enthusiasts have incorporated them into normal casual outfits which is why there is a demand for fashionable designs. 

Because of this, a modern outerwear collection might include diverse pieces with many colors and designs that can cater to different consumer tastes. In this article, we’re going to list down some of the most common types of outerwear that are popular today. We’ll also briefly discuss how each item can be incorporated into your normal streetwear outfit.

  1. Puffer Vest

Puffer vests are versatile pieces that can fit the style of both men and women. Today puffer vests may come in diverse colors and designs. With the 80s and 90s aesthetic slowly making a comeback, paneling color schemes are becoming a new trend with color combinations that pay homage to the late 19th century. Puffer vests can be worn as a layer of outerwear over another on cold winters but they can also be worn over a t-shirt on days that are not too cold. 

  1. Parkas

Parkas can be both practical and fashionable which is why it’s always common to find them in high-fashion runways. In today’s trend, however, the Techwear subgenre of streetwear has adapted a more futuristic aesthetic in parkas. Many outerwear collections have designed parkas with big pockets, zippers, and utility straps that can cater to the aesthetic taste of Techwear enthusiasts. These types of parkas can be accessorized with unconventional pieces like holsters, utility vests, gas masks, and tactical gear. 

  1. Down or Insulated Jackets

With Gorpcore becoming one of the most popular subgenres of streetwear today, down or insulated jackets have become a fashion staple for many modern trendsetters. Many outerwear collections are releasing down or insulated jackets with diverse color palettes. Gorpcore enthusiasts also enjoy wearing bright and bold colors and accessories that can be typically seen on a mountain trail. 

  1. Weatherproof Jackets and Hardshells

These types of outerwear typically appeal to streetwear enthusiasts with a more casual athletic taste. A modern outerwear collection would commonly include diverse options of weatherproof jackets since they are more versatile in terms of practical usage. Weatherproof jackets or hard shells are lightweight and easy to pack away when the temperature gets high. It has also adapted numerous color palettes and design schemes that can be partnered with almost any type of outfit. 

Muhammad Asad Raza