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The magic of Fortnite

It’s not hard to see why millions of gamers have fallen victim to the Battle Royale craze. However, Fortnite is different. You only have one life, but careful play is not rewarded. The emphasis on collecting materials is distracting rather than useful. The system forces players to quickly engage in battle instead of scheduled battle preparation, as in other Battle Royale games. Fortnite follows the standard Battle Royale format. 100 players scattered over a large area, the last survivor wins.

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When about 100 people joined the match, gamers began to parachute to the big island. you choose a starting point, the parachute collapses, the hero is on the ground. The race then begins in places with the best equipment and other points that increase your chances of staying alive. To force players to move and interact with each other, a blue storm is gradually filling the map, forcing gamers to be closer to each other all the time. In principle, you have to constantly move and kill. The last person or team wins. You can play alone, two or four.

The first few minutes of each round are devoted to a furious arms race. The most valuable prey can be found in the cities scattered around the center of the map. You have to make a choice: risk dying early in the game in pursuit of rare weapons or go to less dense areas and pick up lighter weapons.

Epic Games made a real vinaigrette of different genres, with a design similar to Pixar. After all, Fortnite belongs to a separate genre: Tower Defense. Surprisingly, the game has a history. It is said that a certain storm appeared on the earth, which spread throughout the land and 98% of the population died.

Among the survivors were those who tried to escape by fighting a horde of zombies while helping each other survive. We will be one of those saviors. In the shelter, where we hide from the zombies, the hero comes across a robot named “Ray”, who informs us and starts training. We will have a base covered with a shield. From it we will have to make flights to the nearest territories to complete the task, get resources or save the survivors. In addition, we play the role of a certain commander who monitors his soldiers with the help of a periscope, but at the same time we play for the soldiers themselves.


Let’s divide the game into two parts: economic and practical. Let’s start with the practical, which in turn is divided into three more phases. In the first, we run around the map, study it, perform quests and also collect loot. It is worth noting that almost everything can be broken in place: trees, cars, buildings. All the resources that fall away when the next house is demolished will be useful to us in the second phase. Here we are dealing with construction, which is one of the main features of the game, which allows you to build all kinds of buildings. You can build from three types of materials: wood, brick and metal. You can build floors, walls, ceilings and hang everything with traps. The build mode is a 3 on 3 grid, when editing which you can get all sorts of variations. For example, removing one cell in the middle, you get a window, removing two cells, already a door.

This is how arches and small shelters are built. Once a cage is built, it will be possible to set traps on it, from ordinary floor stakes to catapults. They also need resources and drawings, according to which these traps must be made in advance. After this phase begins the third phase: the defense of the fortress. This is where the action begins. Players must endure some time to complete a task. The tasks may vary, but basically the essence is the same: to protect the object from zombies. Several periodic waves of changing attacks are standard, but unlike other games in this genre, during this phase the player will have to defend very actively, not just perform a creative function. In fact, we play a third-person action game. It is in battle that classes begin to reveal their skills.

Classes in Fortnite

There are only four of them in the game: soldier, builder, ninja and traveler. The soldier is the basic class and therefore the simplest. He runs, shoots and from the skills there are only grenades and a missile strike. The builder builds and strengthens fortresses faster than others, they can also build higher walls and scatter zombies around them with special skill. The ninja specializes in close combat, has a double jump and the ability to cut enemies. Travelers get resources better than others and with special skill destroy everything and everyone in front of them. These classes have alternatives that differ in both appearance and ability.

The economic part of the game

All you find on the map are drawings, weapons, survivors, everything is sent to your base. The main menu is a huge center with a huge number of functions, construction, rescue, upgrades, 8 branches to upgrade, the ability to send teams to resources, game store, DLC list. This is where the almost economic strategy begins. You gather different units with unique leaders and send them to get their own resources. Like classes, leadership skills can be improved with experience that falls from the crates after each mission. As the level increases, the passive characteristics increase for everyone at once: for heroes, for survivors, for weapons and traps. There is a chance to convert weapons into more valuable ones. 


Fortnite benefits:

  • Fortnite surprisingly quickly captures and holds the player’s interest.
  • A harmonious combination of research, construction and battles.
  • The bright animation graphics look quite attractive.
  • The multiplayer component does not oblige the player to anything.
  • Four main classes of characters with unique game styles.
  • Impressive tree of leveling and research skills.
  • The walking dead are depicted in the game in a very creative way.
  • Just a huge number of all kinds of weapons and traps.

The developers of Epic Games have managed to find an incredible balance between finding resources, building and shooting at the walking dead. Flavored with nice animated graphics based on Unreal Engine 4 and an impressive amount of content, this game quickly captures the player and is extremely difficult to break away from it.