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The Continued Importance of SEO
Digital Marketing

The Continued Importance of SEO

Things continue to change in our world, and it can be hard to guess what trends to follow, but as far as digital marketing is concerned, there is no safer bet than having a well-thought-out Search Engine Optimisation strategy. Most people connect to businesses through search engines. And if you haven’t got a plan to hit high on the Search engine results page, and you haven’t got the budget for advertising, SEO is the only way to go. Here are some of the reasons why SEO is still essential for everyone doing business on the web.

  • Google: In digital marketing, Google is the big dog, which won’t be changing soon. 75% of search engine traffic goes through Google, which means that Google indexing and Google algorithms will significantly affect the traffic that reaches your site. You will only rank high on their indexes if you optimise for their algorithms or by investing in advertising with a pay-per-click campaign. PPC ads management specialistscan help you to get results immediately. But SEO can provide you with the same results without requiring an advertising budget. Either way, the preferences of Google will continue to determine the flow of much of the internet traffic for the foreseeable future.
  • SEO Builds Better Sites: It is not that the search engine algorithms are good at design or creating a good customer experience. But optimising your site to the preferences of those algorithms usually has the knock-on effect of creating an effective site. The web crawlers are looking for various elements that indicate a better match to a customer’s search. It is not just keywords and content. They are searching for optimisation for different platforms and good navigationwithout blind alleys and aggressive popups. They are looking for many of the things that create a good experience for users. So, by having a good SEO strategy, you are also doing a better job of site-building.
  • SEO is the New Marketing: Advertising used to be a little more direct. You would create some media, an ad or a commercial and then find a way to get in front of your customer. Traditional advertising is still done, of course, and Internet advertisingis a massive business. But SEO is also a version of advertising. But instead of creating advertising media, you optimise your site to put it in front of your customers. And in a perfect world, they will find your site at the moment when they are searching for precisely what you have to offer. That is known as organic traffic, and SEO is the best way to make it happen for you.

There are many strategies in this world to draw business and get exposure. Social media, for example, can be very effective, but it requires some good luck and timing. But SEO will always provide results, as long as you keep on top of it or have it managed by professionals. SEO is the most responsible and should be the first consideration for the design of your site. SEO can be done through spending or by learning the skills yourself. But only you can judge if you are the right person for the job.

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