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Immigration System

How does the Sweden Immigration System Works?

If you are a music lover and want to immigrate to some other country, moving to the pop music capital of the world will be your first pick. Yes, we are talking about Sweden, which is well known for its pop music and musical instruments all across the globe.

For those who want to visit some country, Sweden can be the pick as this mountainous country which is famous for its vast forests and expanded lakes is the best place for hikers and visitors. But if you want to immigrate to some other country or are trying to get asylum, then also Sweden should be your first pick.

The law and order situation of this country makes it an ideal place for asylum seekers. If you want to migrate there for educational purposes, then you can find some world-class institutes there which are ready to share knowledge with you. Similarly, if you want to get a business visa for Sweden, this is also a good choice due to a lot of business opportunities available there. Here you can start some businesses with very low investment as well.

But no matter which country you are moving to as an immigrant, you have to follow the whole framework that is set by that country for immigrants. All the laws and conditions should be followed if you want to do so legally. Otherwise, it will consider as illegal immigration and you will receive strict punishments from governmental agencies.

To avoid any trouble during immigration or after that, you should follow the legal immigration system. Following are the details of Sweden’s immigration and system and how it works.

Changes to the Swedish Aliens Act

The previous act that was set by the Swedish government for immigrants and immigration procedures was quite easy and had almost lifted all the restrictions from immigrants. This led to the arrival of a lot of migrants during the previous few years.

In order to limit the number of immigrants and to avoid the entrance of some criminals due to the lack of restrictions, a new law was passed on 20 July 2021. According to this act new requirements are now required for immigration. You might think it is applicable on the applications submitted after 20 July this year. But this is not the fact, as all the applicants who applied for immigration, have to follow the new act, regardless of the date when they applied.

EU and EEA

The European Union and EEA have decided some rules for all the European countries. As Sweden is a European country, and its part of the European Union as well. According to EU policy, every resident of the European Union can freely move to Sweden anytime in his/her life.

It means that if you are already living in a country that is a part of the European Union, then you don’t need to worry too much about traveling to Sweden. You can live here for the time you want and you don’t even need any permit for that purpose.

Requirements for Immigration

The most important thing is the requirements for immigration. If you fully fill all the requirements then you can easily migrate to the country of your choice. Many things are of prime importance in this regard, but from the previous one and a half years, since the arrival of coronavirus the vaccination certificate and negative test for COVID-19 has got prime importance. So make sure that you are vaccinated against this virus, and use the vaccine that is recommended by the Swedish Government.

Then you have to provide all your legal documents. Then you have to clear the immigration test as per the policy of the Swedish Government. This test contains some questions regarding different events and festivals of Sweden, some major and popular political personalities, some government officials, government policies, and assembly members. If you manage to correctly answer 70 percent of questions, then you will consider a successful candidate.


If you think you should make an investment in Sweden, then the process explained above can help you to migrate there and start an investment. If you consider it a difficult process, then getting a business visa can be your choice.

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