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Rewards program offer a free refill at Starbucks
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How to Get Free Refills At Starbucks

It has now become an easy task to get a free refill right there at Starbucks!

If you are interested in knowing about this procedure, then do check out the below-written details. Starbucks is known for its coffee and beverages side.

If you cannot afford their expensive coffee section, then become a part of their reward program and claim your free refills. All of this is possible to do.

It does not matter what your original order was, you can claim the free refill if you are a valid member of the Starbucks rewards program:

Rewards program offer a free refill at Starbucks

Rewards program offer a free refill at Starbucks

We have already told you that you should be part of their rewards program for getting Starbucks free drink.

This is the only way of getting free refills on drinks. The rewards program makes you eligible for getting and receiving free refills.

This is the current Starbucks coffee chain’s policy and so far no changes are made to it.

On claiming the free refill, you can choose your favorite drink or coffee type from the menu. In addition, you can either pick up Starbucks’ lower-priced drinks.

Like, you can have a free refill of brewed coffee, iced coffee, or you end up getting a free refill of cold-brew coffee or hot tea, and even iced tea.

It is a must for you to have a valid Starbucks card for getting and earning a free refill. Moreover, you can claim this refill through the Starbucks coffee chain’s mobile app as well.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that this policy is not available for drive-thru customers!

For claiming this free refill, you have to be the dine-in customer and enjoy having your free coffee time by sitting at the Starbucks café.

Guide to get free refills at Starbucks:

It is time that you should become a part of the Starbucks rewards program so that you end up getting free and unlimited refills.

This policy works for both the iced brewed coffee category and also hot brewed coffee section. If you are thinking about how to score and earn this free refill, then check out the details:

The very first thing that you have to do is to become a part and official member of the Starbucks rewards program. You need to sign up for this program.

You can either sign up through the official site of Starbucks or you can check out their app for further details. In addition, this sign-up process is free of cost and you will not be charged with anything.

The next step is to plan an order of any beverage while you visit Starbucks.

As soon as you finish enjoying and sipping your coffee at Starbucks, now you can claim your free refill upon sitting over there.

If you leave the restaurant and forget to claim a free refill, then that opportunity and golden chance will be lost.

What you need to do is to take your empty coffee cup to the counter and ask for a free refill on showing your Starbucks reward program card.

The choice is up to you whether you want to order cold brew coffee or you want to get a free refill of hot coffee or iced coffee or tea.

The team will scan your rewards card. Right after this inspection and checking procedure, they will give you a free refill.

Important points to keep in mind while claiming a free refill at Starbucks:

Now, there are certain important points that you should keep in mind while claiming free of cost refill at Starbucks:

The free refill drink will be available and offered in the same size as your original drink order. Like, if you have ordered the grande drink size, then the free refill will be available in the same size.

In this section of claiming a refill, lemonade or iced tea infusions are not included. Like, you cannot claim a free refill of Strawberry Acai Lemonade.

You cannot get a free refill on the handcrafted beverages, and this includes frappuccinos as well as espresso drinks.


So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in the Starbucks rewards program and claim as many free refills as you can. It is time to become a coffee person.

Quench your thirst for having limitless Starbucks coffees on enjoying their policy of free refills.

Stay connected with us and if more of the surprises will become a part of the Starbucks rewards program, we will let you know.

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