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Something You Should Know About HDI

Something You Should Know About HDI

Do you nonetheless be aware of IBM Simon? It is the “father” of clever phones. It got here round 1995 and was once the most innovative digital product at that time. However, it did not appear like what a clever cellphone appears at current and it weighed 510g with a thickness of 38mm. Can you agree with it? It is completely not possible for you to put it in your pocket.

With the enchantment of features and people’s aesthetic mindset in the direction of phone phones, clever telephones have skilled a sequence of modifications in phrases of dimension and figure. Figure 1 suggests the thickness alternate of clever telephones in the previous years.

What is the requirement for HDI PCB material?

Some new necessities are delivered to HDI PCB fabric inclusive of higher measurement stability, antistatic mobility, and non-adhesive. The usual fabric of HDI PCB is RCC (resin-covered copper). There are three sorts of RCC, specifically Polyimide metalized film, pure polyimide film, and Cast polyimide film.

The blessings of RCC include small thickness, mild weight, wonderful flexibility, and flammability, compatibility with attribute impedance, and outstanding measurement stability. In the system of HDI multi-layer PCBs, taking region of the position of regular bonding sheet and copper foil as insulating medium and conducting layer, RCC can be suppressed with the chip via common suppression technology. Then non-mechanical drilling technique is used such as a laser so that a micro-via interconnect can be formed.

The prevalence and improvement of RCC push PCB merchandise from SMT (surface mount technology) to CSP (chip scale package), from mechanical drilling to laser drilling, and promote the improvement and development of PCB micro-via, all of which effects in RCC’s main cloth of HDI PCBs.

What is the science to construct HDI PCB?

  • Micro-Via Fabrication

Micro-via fabrication has continually been the core trouble in HDI PCB manufacturing. There are two most important drilling methods:

As for every day by using drilling, mechanical drilling is usually the first-rate desire for its excessive effectiveness and low cost. With the improvement of mechanical processing capacity, its utility in micro-via has been on the very as well.

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There are two kinds of laser drilling: photothermal ablation and photochemistry ablation. The former refers to the technique for the duration of which the operated cloth is heated to be melted after absorbing the laser with excessive power and is evaporated off by using the form. The latter refers to the result induced by using high-energy photons in the UV sector and with a laser size greater than 400nm.

  • Via Materialization

The largest challenge for metallization is it is tough for plating to attain uniformity. As for the deep-hole plating technological know-how for micro-via, without the utilization of plating answer with excessive dispersing power, by way of plating answer on plating units have to be upgraded in time that can be finished using both robust mechanical stirring or vibration, ultrasonic stirring, horizontal spraying. In addition, the humidity of using the wall has to be expanded earlier than plating.

  • Fine Lines

The implementations of satisfactory traces encompass standard photograph switches and laser direct imaging. Traditional picture switch has an identical technique to the normal chemical etching to structure lines.