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We live in a modern era where practically everything is available online, from buying to schooling. The worldwide education system now is significantly more progressive than it has ever been. Students nowadays learn online whether or not they attend their normal classes. EQ Webmail, which stands for Managed Internet Service, is another fantastic schooling method that originated in Queensland, Australia.

Free education for all

MIS webmail is introduced in Queensland. Queensland is the state of Australia. Every child receives free education from the Department of Education. Queensland has a comprehensive educational system. The government of Australia is funding different projects across the world but MIS webmail is only designed for the school education system of Queensland state.

Today we are living in the era of technology, in which everything is available online whether it is about shopping or education. In the same manner education system is also got revolutionized with time. MIS webmail as the name indicates MIS stands for managed internet system which means internet system is managed across the state very efficiently۔

Historical view

MIS webmail is also known as EQ webmail. E stands for “Education” and Q stands for “Queensland” the state of Australia. EQ webmail was introduced to Australia in 1850. Queensland acquired independence from New South Wales in 1859, and under Australian government rules, a new educational system was formed in 1875. EQ webmail and MIS webmail both have the same aim, the first one is a free system and the second one is online education for all the EFA (education for all). In this online education system, all the educational materials such as textbooks School photos, and magazines are available with just a click.

Easy to login

MS webmail is very easy to log in just you have to open the link on the homepage of the website fill up your login, ID, and password it will be remembered by Google to log in again and again. In this way, you will be able to simply continue your educational journey. Messages have been sent. You may quickly create your account with your webmail on iPads, iPhones, iPods, laptops, and PCs because email is a very cheap way to save money in the modern work climate.

Advantages of mis webmail

 Providing up to date information 

It provides up-to-date information as the students and teachers upload new content or their assignments, they are shared across all the students and teachers. The administrator also keep an eye on the children’s activity

Data security 

MIS webmail is a very proficient and secured platform. It saves the personal information of students, parents, teachers, and administrators also. It gives us Peace of Mind when we have this satisfaction that our data will not leak at all. It is in safe hands.

Saves money

It is a mobile education service. In this system of education, you don’t have to need money. Just in a few clicks, you can approach your educational assignments and tasks.

Track down record

The government can trace all the users.

Strong communication

MS webmail provides a platform to the students where they can communicate very effectively with their peers۔ this platform also provides an opportunity to small business owners to complete their tasks in less time


Preparatory year (prep class) is the first class of school education in Queensland. It has a child-centered curriculum. While going to primary school students have to learn compulsory subjects also. In Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools students have to face a transition phase after which they are ready to enroll in Professional University Academics.

MIS or EQ webmail is providing a great future for every queen Queenslander. The government of Queensland state is providing all the children of Queensland a great start and engaging the young people in learning, creating safe and inclusive workplaces to make communities of Queensland stronger. One of the best things for Queensland students is MIS webmail. The actual convenience in this process is that all the lectures, papers, textbooks, and other educational materials are available online at your hands. This system is also valuable for parents to monitor their children’s educational growth and performance.

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Sanket Goyal
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