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Persian cats

Some Fascinating Facts About Persian Cats

Persian cats are probably one of those breeds that do not require any introduction. It is easy to understand a Persian cat with its look. They generally have long and luxurious coats with big expressive eyes, and it is one of the most famous cat breeds throughout the World. Being an exotic breed, the Persian cat price in India is on the upper side due to its high maintenance.

However, before you bring home this cute little companion, you must check out some fascinating facts about it.

Their origin is still a mystery: 

Even when Persian cats have gained worldwide popularity, their exact origin is still questioned. However, it was first noticed by Europeans when the traders of the Middle East came to England. It was back in the 1800s when Persians got introduced to the Europeans. This long-hair beauty immediately emerged among the people and gained immense recognition. The exotic look and presumed homeland made it get named a Persian cat.

They appeared in the first cat show in the World:

One of the biggest reasons is that the Persian cat got into the eyes of people through the World’s first cat show. The very first show was held in 1871 in the crystal palace of London. This is where the Persians were taken because of their unique and exotic look. Since then, Persian caught the eyes of people from the United States, and it got popular in the US as well around 1875. Due to the enormous demand, the breeders increased, and a large number of the population were looking for Persian cats after the cat show was held.

They are expensive to maintain: 

As you know by now, Persian cats are a really expensive breed. Not only do you need to pay a good price to bring home this little one but also for the maintenance. This cat price in India consistently varies from one place to another due to maintenance. As different breeders follow different maintenance routines, it results in changing the Persian cat price. However, you can keep an expectation of being slightly higher compared to any other cat breed.

Persians stay friendly with dogs: 

Dogs have been pretty much popular since the good old time. Hence, it is one of the most common members in most families. However, if you think about whether to bring a Persian cat home because I already have a dog, then you would be fortunate to know that Persian cats stay friendly with dogs. Unlike other normal cats, they would not keep fighting but stay friendly, so they are mostly known as dog cats.

Choose A Reputed Breeder Offering the Best Cat price in India: 

Persian cats are fascinating through their nature and look. However, finding a purebred Persian cat can be a major challenge. It requires a lot of knowledge and a reputable breeder to prefer quality. If you are in search of one such reputed name offering high-quality Persian cats, choose Mummy Cat. 

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Muhammad Asad Raza