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Social Media Marketing Strategy – 6 Effective Tips

A social media marketing strategy is a laid down plan towards building awareness of a business or organization over popular social media platforms. Choosing the correct mediums to relay information to users, setting the right marketing goals and estimating and anticipating the desired results that ensure social media has a positive outcome on the business. Executing marketing media strategy can be a tough task that requires setting goals to measuring results and to hence create an online presence as the business grows to its full extent. There are some steps to follow when creating a marketing media strategy which is as follows.

Set Social Media Goals

Social Media Marketing

To set social media marketing goals, it’s important to know what the business wants to achieve and to define the goals according to the SMART strategy that is

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

An initial start goal of social media would be to increase brand awareness which is good for startup companies who want to create a name for their products to make it well known amongst people to attract social media followers. Secondly, the goal could be to direct website traffic through blogs or sharing links to social media platforms and many other ways to spread the business name.

Post Over Popular Mediums

The decision to choose the right social media channels requires understanding the target audience and which social networks they mostly use. The way to choose to spread awareness should be linked to social media marketing goals so for example if a company aims to generate website traffic, the use of Facebook or twitter can be a good choice to focus on. When deciding which social media marketing platform to use its important to know about the customers as well as competitors such as the demographics of the customers and what channels do they mostly use. The channel used should be such that it is accessible to the target audience that’s why to know about demographics is the key to users receiving information about products and services.

In-Depth Competition Analysis

Before uploading any content, looking at the work of competitor and placing emphasis on their work needs to be looked upon. Taking into account how many followers do they have the type of content that they post and how many likes, comments and reviews do they get on a monthly average. Being attentive to how their rivals are making their names on social media to stand out by doing something similar. An analysis like this can make sure and refine how an approach to media channels needs to be performed to get the most effective responses with increased popularity.

Maximize Online Presence

Social media marketing services in USA, using expertise and experience to build an online presence starting with the basics such as adding some information about what the business is about and adding images such as logos for people to recognize it. An online presence makes sure that the impression of an organization is made and spread to people by creating posts initially. To progress along loyal contacts are needed to like, follow or comment on posts to help make a good connection with other people and hence spreading the name across different platforms.

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To maintain consistency on social media platforms requires the writing of good quality content which is the key to the growth of an organization. Dedicating a limited amount of time to social media needs to be done regularly to communicate with followers who suggest ideas, obtaining feedback to better improve upon marketing media strategies. There are different types of content to be shared daily and that it shouldn’t serve to be promotional whereas it should be based on a combination that is useful, educational and entertaining not making it look greedy. Interaction with the audience must be maintained across all networks providing good quality material.


Results can be obtained by using social media marketing tools where it can provide analytics to be used to understand trends and patterns. The analytics will help to explain how much followers are gained on a regular or monthly basis. Once data is gathered performance optimizations can be performed which can be done by organizing interviews in a one on one conversation or even the use of focus group where knowing what the customer wants is of relevant importance. The target audience needs to be understood and to provide valuable and entertaining content to gain as much popularity for the business as possible.


Creating a social media strategy might seem like a daunting task which requires taking small steps and not doing everything at once. Social media marketing services in USA,creates a proper plan, to bring more followers for a business or organization ultimate growth.

Muhammad Asad Raza

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