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Sneakers: A trend in today’s lifestyle

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In the 1880s, the word “sneakers” was coined. As noted in the Boston Journal, lads used the term “sneakers” to refer to tennis shoes back in the day because of how soft the soles were. Stiff leather shoes, on the other hand, made a lot of noise! Since these shoes may be worn unnoticed, it’s possible for a person to “sneak up” on someone else while wearing leather footwear. A sneaker was coined in 1917 by Henry Nelson McKinney, an American advertising executive, because of the rubber sole’s effectiveness as a covert item of clothing. Slowly, rare sneakers sydney also became a trend.



There are many names for sneakers. Trainers, on the other hand, are what they’re called in the UK. However, the story doesn’t end there.


  • High tops: Slightly higher-cut shoes.
  • Kicks: Sneakerhead slang for “kicks” is derived from hip-hop and skateboard culture.
  • Lows: Shoes with a low top that are worn below the ankle.
  • Pump: A particular kind of sneaker featuring a pump to help fit
  • Sneakers: Inmates adopted the term “sneakers” to refer to the rubber-soled shoes worn by warders
  • Trainers: Sneakers’ British version


Evolution of Sneakers

Now that trainers (a.k.a. sneakers) are just accessories and not something we wear to exercise, it seems as if the days of wearing shoes are long gone. Although men have worn dazzling white sneakers for decades, women have just lately started wearing Stan Smiths and damaged Reeboks as part of their high fashion ensembles.


Even in high-end designer fashion, the simple white shoe has made a comeback, and now you can buy it for as little as $10 at the top end of the market. Diverse groups, such as preppy dress and blazer brigade, streetwear females and high-fashion stylists have welcomed them. They’ve gone from trendy to classic in a matter of years, serving as a go-to piece for every event.


The trendsetter

The fact that fashionistas worldwide are trading in their Manolos for a pair of running shoes – and wearing them on the runway with dresses costing five figures – has convinced brands money can be made in comfortable footwear. With premium brands everywhere, sneakers are now manufactured quicker than jewelled sandals. With their bounce and spring, Sneakers have taken over workplaces, dance floors, and even wedding settings worldwide. Sneakerheads all around the globe have a set rare sneakers as the talk of the town. The Footwear industry’s revenue in Australia is expected to reach $1,574 million in 2021. CAGR 2021-2025 revenue growth is anticipated to be 5.23%, yielding a projected market volume of USD 1,930m by 2025 in Australia.


The profession talk

It has a lot to do with how our working lives have changed. Working from home has become the norm for many individuals, and the 1980s Working Girl look is quickly becoming obsolete. Most of us don’t even have to go to work in suits and boots anymore; computer wizards, designers, musicians, journalists, architects, and stylists all go to work in sneakers instead of high heels all the time. The footwear you wear is now a powerful indicator of your job.


Redefining women

Sneakers are appealing because of their gender neutrality when women reevaluate their positions in society and call for the workplace’s desexualisation. Women are no longer expected to dress in a particular manner to appeal to men, and as a consequence, a majority of women put comfort above everything else. Wearing high heels is by no means a feminist decision.