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Skyrocket Your YouTube Analytics with this Powerful Tool

YouTube in 2022, is not just limited to creating quality content anymore. Let’s face the reality of today’s web, there are a lot of factors at play behind one successful channel or creator. Managing analytics, finding key concepts to target and proper scripting are just a few examples of what goes on behind the scenes of a viral video. As long as the initial growth is concerned there are various assisting platforms like YouTubeStorm that help you upscale your visibility by purchasing from their online stores. 

What’s Integral?

For a YouTube channel to start performing better, one must keep in mind all these vital instruments. The process of creating videos cannot be ignored completely as well. After all, it’s the visuals that ultimately attract the viewer. 

Using quality aids for the videography of your idea and having a clear narration of what you want your audience to take away after watching the video are a NEED! 

YouTube consists of more than a billion people streaming something new each day, whereas at least 30% of these streamers are creators themselves. To make it huge in this journey, you need to outperform the competition at least in your niche. One thing you need the most at this point is a fair idea of what is working for you and what isn’t. In more technical terms : the analytics. 

Coming back to managing the analytics, the secret sauce to managing your insights, perhaps is not hiring a perfect person or entity but getting into the nits and grits of this arena. 

In this blog, you’ll get a fair idea of all the platform-tools that will help you get a stronghold on insights of your channel. 

For those of you who are just a beginner in the world of analytics, let’s start with the basics of what it is and how you can use it to your benefit. 

YouTube Analytics: 

YouTube analytics shows you a detailed version of the performance your assets have been showcasing. Assets here stand for Videos, Photos and any content that you throw out in a hope that they will earn you some wealth. 

Your Youtube Analytics section is a collection of your specific audience data arranged in a manner wherein you can easily comprehend what kind of videos are performing well on YouTube and what are the least visible ones. It also reflects your earning metrics (estimated earnings from YouTube) to help you keep sight of the financial system. You can also download your financial report up to the given date from here. 

Furthermore, YouTube Analysis makes it 10* easier to compare and contrast your current videos with the ones posted in the recent past to understand what trends are being loved by your audience and provide a decent idea about all that you need to shove out of your way. 

Best Tools to Improve YouTube Analytics like a Pro: 

Even though the general YouTube analytics does a pretty reasonable job by showing you the idea of what your audience is liking, it’s always your personal choice to stick with their measuring standards and keep updating your content accordingly. 

The tools are given below, however, see for those who can’t wait to speed up their growth process and need some additional tools to skyrocket their growth rate. If you are among the second half, then this is probably a promising place to learn about these. 

Without any further ado let’s begin: 

  1. Camstasia: CAN NOT DESCRIBE THIS TOOL ENOUGH! Trust us when we say, this is probably one of the most brilliant tools to record and edit your content. The app’s intelligent UI helps you edit and shoot videos like a professional. The platform is an all in one place and you probably don’t need anything else pre-posting after you are done editing your video here. Music effects, audios and quizzes are just a few features of this excellent invention. You can try their basic version in the beginning but as you go ahead with your journey it is advisable to switch to the premium version of the app as it allows many more futuristic features.
  2. Keyword Tool: Okay so we all need no debate over the fact that researching is probably the most crucial part of your Youtube content, or for that matter any kind of online information. Your video quality can be above the ground and you’d still fail if you don’t reach the target audience. Keyword Tool helps you organise and understand what types of phrases and words are trending on the web. Guesswork doesn’t lead you anywhere even after trying your hardest but a little bit of smart research can improve your analytics significantly higher than usual.  
  3. Adrev: It is the most utilized resource. Add in your favourite music to the videos you create without worrying about copyright issues. The platform helps the owners earn their part while you get the freedom to choose from a wide range of tunes available out there. 


These were some of the most efficient resources that can help you to grow your channel easily. Do try them out and tell us about what worked the best for you.

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