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Six things you need to decorate your summer house for holidays
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Six things you need to decorate your summer house for holidays

Six things you need to decorate your summer house for holidays

When we talk about summerhouses, there is no such season to prepare the place for holidays. Your house should be ever ready to spend memorable moments with your family. So, the best thing you can do is try to update your summerhouse very often. Cabinets for the kitchen, in particular, need to be organized and updated all the time for your ease.

Remind yourself that the summerhouse has to be comfortable, not luxurious. So, try not to over-accessorize the place with bulky items and kitchen utensils. Keep it simple and comfortable- also, gradually add a few things to your décor on a budget. For this purpose, here is a checklist to consider for your next vacation.

Things you need to decorate your summerhouse:

  1. Compact furniture- wicker
  2. A few recliners
  3. A simple coffee table
  4. Cupboards for kitchen cabinets store
  5. Light textured rugs for indoors/outdoors
  6. A BBQ setup for summer/winter holidays
  • Compact furniture- wicker:

Choosing furniture is the trickiest part when decorating a summerhouse. Many people do not understand that a place for holidays should be simple and cozier. Instead, most people try to fill their summerhouses with large furniture pieces. That is where they go wrong! Remember, your holiday destination must be light-hearted for your family and your budget.

That is why it is much better to go for lightweight wicker furniture. These comfy wooden pieces are a must for indoors and outdoors alike. So, decorate your outdoor space/garden area with foldable or movable chairs and tables. Moreover, use side tables with the softest fabric and enjoy your morning and evening coffee there. 

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  • A few recliners:

Recliners are the best thing you can add to your summerhouse. Ask yourself! Why do you own a summerhouse? Why do you go there? The answer is simple: relax for some time. So, get a few recliners to have a relaxing time with your loved ones. Make sure you have these comfy chairs indoors. Also, place it near the fireplace and enjoy reading your favorite books, novels there. Or play a fun game with your family. 

  • A simple coffee table:

Are we still discussing wooden pieces? If yes, you need a sturdy and simple coffee table for indoors and outdoors. Well, wicker is perfect for the outdoors, given the unexpected weather changes. But, your living area needs a sturdy coffee table right next to that small sofa.

In addition, you can also take your spare coffee table to your summerhouse instead of buying a new one. And decorate it with a few antique pieces and an ashtray. These little things produce a cozier effect on your surroundings. 

  • Cupboards or Kitchen cabinets store!

Organizing the summerhouse kitchen is of great importance. So, always take the time to set up the kitchen when you go there and when you leave. Moreover, arrange the cabinets store according to the changing season. For instance, fill your cabinets and kitchen cupboards with wine glasses and a few cocktails for summer. On the other hand, fill the pantries with coffee mugs, flavored tea, hot chocolate, and dry fruits for the winter season. 

Furthermore, prep the house for the next season when you are ready for city life. Keep the delicate items in the cupboards and arrange the open cabinets better. Yes, the organizing may sound a bit stretched, but it is for your own good. 

  • Light textured rugs for indoors/outdoors:

Now we are moving on to rug pieces. Your indoors and outdoors equally require area rugs. That is why next time when you go to market, get some soft and lightweight area rugs for your summerhouse. They will keep the place intact and cozier than it was. Also, rugs will streamline the indoor and outdoor elements in an instant. If the house has a light décor, use colorful area rugs, and vice versa. Moreover, store some throw blankets and warm rugs for the winters as well. 

  • A BBQ setup for summer/winter holidays:

Who says BBQ parties are only for winters? The garden area in your home and summerhouse is the best place to have a wonderful time with your family. In this case, keep yourself ever ready for BBQ nights and lunches. Set your garden area with a few essential things. Also, keep the burners and barbecue sticks in the kitchen storage. These things will make your stay memorable.  

Pro-tip: when the stay is over, make sure you put blinders on the windows. It is an essential tip for the safety of your lovely summerhouse.


If you are ready to spend some holidays in your summer house, these six things are a must-have. Make a checklist and gradually add some wicker furniture to your indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, décor that is placed with light is rugs and a few recliners. Store the seasonal items in your cabinets store and organize the kitchen every time you leave. Make your summers/winters joyous with these essentials.  

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