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Should You Upgrade to iPhone 13?

Apple is in the habit of releasing new phones every single year. Most users upgrade their devices when their current contract expires. As the vast majority of contracts lock users for 24 months, it is rare to see someone upgrading from the previous generation. This means that the vast majority of users that are thinking of an upgrade to the iPhone 13 most likely have a device that is two generations old. If you skipped a generation then you might consider getting the latest iPhone as it comes with a few features that you may consider worth having.

Better Camera

First of all, the camera on the latest iPhone is beating its competition by a considerable margin. It has been praised by reviewers and while it may have some shortcomings, it is still a considerable upgrade. The most notable changes are made to the video. Video recordings using the new Cinematic mode make the iPhone 13 a phone that can be used to record footage that is extremely close to what some would call professional grade. Adding Night Mode, time-lapse and Dolby Vision HDR simply sweetens the pot.

Improved Hardware

With each generation, the iPhone becomes faster and smarter. If you are using an iPhone 12, you will not notice a considerable difference. However, if you have something like an iPhone X or XR, the iPhone 13 will seem like a much faster phone. No matter which variant you compare your old phone to, the Mini, the standard version, the Pro, or the Pro Max, they all perform equally well. Apple is using the same A15 Bionic chi in all their smartphones.

There is also a better screen to enjoy and more storage. RAM does not matter all that much since Apple devices are very well optimized. The display on the other hand will make a bigger impact as when comparing the iPhone 13 with an older device, even an untrained eye can spot the improvement.

Improved Battery Life

The latest generation of iPhones manages their battery use better. While the battery capacity remained almost the same when compared to the previous generation, this time around, battery life is considerably better. To get a grasp of the difference, the iPhone 12 has a battery life of 17 hours while the iPhone 13 has 19 hours. For many, those two extra hours of battery life may not make much of a difference. Numerically speaking, that is 15% more battery life and this is mainly due to the use of more power-efficient hardware.

It Is Not For Everyone

If you are long overdue for an upgrade, you should consider getting the latest generation of iPhones. The only exception to the rule would be veteran Android users. If you have been using an Android phone for ages, accommodating to the Apple ecosystem may prove to be both annoying and time-consuming. However, if you are currently using an Android phone but are familiar with Apple products, the iPhone 13 should be an option to consider. What you need to know is that there are 4 different versions to choose from and the differences between them are not particularly obvious. You should do some research on your own and compare what you get with each variant of the iPhone.

Muhammad Asad Raza