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Selin Sakaran

Selin Sakaran- Protecting Your Feet and Ankles While Running

People often ignore the health of their feet and ankles, especially when it comes to exercise and to choose the right shoes. Like the rest of the body, they should be taken care of well. Wearing the proper footwear is your first step to good foot and ankle health for people of all ages. 

Selin Sakaran- keeping safe while running 

According to an eminent podiatric physician from New Haven, Connecticut, Selin Sakaran, a significant part of her work is to assist people in staying healthy while they do strenuous physical activities like exercise and sports. She adds that in the current scenario, with the advent of coronavirus and its other variants, safety measures should be undertaken to make running and other outdoor activities safe for everyone. 

Catering to your fitness need

She says that there are specific measures that one should take when it comes to running outdoors for fitness. The first thing you should do is carry and wear a breathable mask. It has been proven by scientists that covers prevent the spread of infections like the coronavirus. Many people often complain that they cannot wear masks because they cannot breathe properly. She states that there are breathable masks available in the market, and one should buy them to stay safe while running in the post-pandemic era. 

The need to keep a safe distance from the other runners

Social distancing is needed to keep people safe from coronavirus infections, and when the spread of the virus was at its peak, doctors advised everyone to maintain a minimum distance of at least 6 feet. She recommends that in the post-pandemic era, it is prudent for one to go running alone, but if you still want to run in a group, you must ensure that you maintain a safe distance all the time. 

When it comes to running, she advises everyone to wear the right shoes. If your shoes are too small, you will end up with black toenails. If your shoes are too narrow in the forefoot region, you will land up with pinched nerve pains, corns, bunions, or calluses. If the shoe you wear is too broad, your foot will slide and cause friction that will lead to blisters. 

Most shoe stores in the market focus on the most popular shoe size only. This means if you have feet that are narrow, wide, small, or large, your shoe choices will be limited. There are some shoe brands that give you the benefits of width sizing in a few models. You can approach them to provide you with custom-made shoes if you need special shoes for running. 

Last but not least, in the opinion of Selin Sakaran you should also wear the proper clothing while running during summers or winters. When it comes to your overall health, exercise is essential with the appropriate diet. Many people ignore the health of their feet and ankles, which are equally vital for a good quality of life. If you are obese or overweight, ensure you start exercising or switch to a low-calorie diet to shed the extra pounds. Excess weight will cause pressure on your feet and ankles, making it difficult to walk and lead an everyday life