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The Awards List

Seattle Architecture High On The Awards List

Seattle has always been amongst the top-rated regions regarding building designs and architecture. Several buildings have been awarded the 2021 AIA Northwest and Pacific Region Design Awards. Amongst them features a few buildings from Seattle as well.

Seattle architecture has been high on several awards lists, with some top architectural firms operating in the region. Amongst the top names is AOME Architecture, known for its design excellence and architectural brilliance on all kinds of projects.

AOME Architecture is a top name in the region when it comes to home building projects, with some stunning projects in their portfolio. They are a recognized architectural firm that has received many awards over the past years.

Design Work Is Second To None

AOME has been a top-rated firm preferred by homeowners with varying needs when it comes to design and architecture. AOME Architecture is known for building homes that are unique, exquisitely designed and specifically designed to meet the clients’ needs.

According to the experts at the firm, architecture is all about clear communication of vision and its practical implementation in reality. The company focuses on developing virtual models through technological infrastructure to ensure the finest design works that are second to none in the region.

AOME builds a virtual model of the architectural design, and the client can visit it with a viewing app (BIMx).

The firm offers a personalized experience where clients can see the final result for themselves. All of it is delivered before building the project, from what their new home will look like to how it will feel like to walk through. Be it sitting at a window or the counter in the kitchen, and the entire experience is delivered through this virtual model.

The firm is known for its outstanding vision and design ideas that place them high on the awards list.

A Firm With Great Projects In 2022    

AOME Architecture is a top architectural firm that offers the finest home building designs and exceptional ideas that can help the clients get the property they imagined and live a life in it that they expected.

Final Words

From convenience to luxuriousness, AOME designs projects that have been awarded multiple times. They have a long list of excellent projects featured in their portfolio. According to AOME, they believe that your home is a place where your life must flourish and you can create lasting memories.

That is exactly what they try to deliver, and they also have several top projects in 2022. These projects have been critically acclaimed for their futuristic design, convenience and aesthetic appeal. Modern, advanced and tailored for the needs of the future, AOME delivers excellence.

With the help of advanced CAD software for 3D virtual models to the finest and most sophisticated designs for homes, you can expect the best at AOME Architecture. They are a leading name with many awards in their bags for exceptionally designed home building projects.