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Remove Background And Create Engaging Design using Removal.AI

Trying to remove the background from the image seems to be a tedious job. Well, not anymore with a free background remover like Removal.AI. Whether you are a designer, photographer, an advertising firm, or simply love to enhance photos, you know that a background removal tool is such a huge help in making different creative projects that involve the use of photos.

If you are going to remove background from an image, you are opening up plenty of possibilities to improve the whole picture. With the Removal.AI tool, you can produce both professional and personal outputs in seconds.

Unlike using Photoshop and other complicated photo editors, Removal.Ai is both fast and simple to use. The process requires a few clicks of a button and would take literally just seconds to complete.

Removal.AI – Best Tool To Remove Background

What makes Removal.AI the best tool to remove background from photos is that it is also a simple image editor. You can use different tools to manually erase unwanted parts, set the image into whatever position, flip the image vertically or horizontally, add shadow effects, enhance the photos further, and more! There is even a text editor for you to add text on the picture. Want to change the photo’s background? There are plenty of background photos that you can add on your photos to make them suited for any use. It is basically all that you need to create incredible designs!

Simple Steps To Remove Background

Excited about making creative and engaging designs using this amazing tool? Here is how you can make the best designs and remove the background using Removal.AI in few simple steps:

Step 1 – Upload your image

Simply drag and drop any photo from your computer or click on the Choose a Photo button to upload an image.


In just mere seconds, the page will refresh and show a photo with no background and the original photo on the other side. Yes, that is how fast the tool works to remove background from the image. You will notice that the photo is already looking great as is but you can do further enhancements if you still want to.

Step 2 – Edit using free online photo editor

Aside from magically removing the background, you have the option to use Removal.AI in transforming the photo into an attractive work of art. Just click on the Edit button and the free online photo editor will open with your image. 

Background removal
Background removal

Use the different enhancement tools to change the size of the photo, customize the background, add text, etc.

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Photo Editor

The tool works in real time so you can instantly see the changes as you work on the image. Design the photo as much as you like and unleash your creativity until you are satisfied with how the photo looks.

Step – Download and Share

Happy with your project? Click on the Download Image button and it will be saved on your computer. You may choose to download the photo right away and for free or get full resolution images for as low as $0.03 per image, depending on the reasonably priced package that you will subscribe to.

Photo Editor
Photo Editor

Although you can really do wonderful projects on your own, you may also want to contact the team if you need help with bigger projects. Just click on the Contact Us button and fill out the form so the team can reach you and discuss how they can help you out.


Removal.AI is a must-have for anyone who works with photos. It is very quick to use and the results are always professional-grade. This is great for those who want to increase productivity without sacrificing quality because Removal.AI uses algorithms that have been created and tested by professional photo editors themselves. 

The best thing about it is that it is free to use so you can try the tool and see how superb it really is!

Muhammad Asad Raza

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