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Realistic fiction

Reality rules: why it’s great to write contemporary realistic fiction

Realistic fiction is as much a joy to write as it is to read. It has the ability to take us to places in this world we have never seen yet can imagine so vividly. It also presents the author with the ability to write something truly engaging, something that conveys true meaning in reality to a reader that may not have known about such situations beforehand.

With this in mind, here are a few reasons why writing contemporary realistic fiction is so fantastic:

The author can draw from personal experience

Personal experience is essential to writing stunning contemporary realistic fiction. Whether they are drawing from a past experience or something that happened in their locale, there is always plenty of inspiration for authors when it comes to creating this kind of novel.

People and places are always fascinating and great points of inspiration. They have the ability to inspire our imagination in a way that sparks an ongoing series of thoughts which, in turn, can become one of the great contemporary fiction novels.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why such modern classics like The Fault in Our Stars and Normal People have become such mega-hits – they take events that could easily happen in real life and sequence them in a way that engages the reader and changes their own perception of the world.

It can be a highly cathartic experience

No one is going to pretend that life doesn’t have its problems, and these problems are often grand catalysts for some of the best contemporary realistic fiction novels available.

For the author creating the novel, this can be a great way to express how they feel about a certain situation that may have unfolded in their past, or about something that may have occurred in a setting that was close to home.

For this reason, many authors find writing in this genre to be a completely cathartic experience, one that ensures they are able to get their thoughts and emotions out onto the page in a beautiful and poetic form.

Whilst this can present the author with significant challenges, there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from working hard and working through the thoughts and feelings that have made them sit down and write about the situation in the first place.

It connects people to real-world experiences

Readers love to be connected to a place and time that they may not have known anything about prior to picking up the book. Whatever and wherever the situation, this genre can open our eyes to the stories and situations of people from all over the world, allowing us to get a glimpse into their lives and how they view their situations.

A top-quality contemporary realistic fiction author will be able to fully convey the thoughts and feelings of their characters and provide the reader with this all-important comprehensive view into their lives. This is why this genre is so illuminating – it provides the details of lives we may not have known anything about before reading the novel.

It takes the author on a journey

More often than not, it’s important for the author to research a particular situation to ensure that they get a full grasp on the situation. When this is done to the best effect, the author themselves is taken on a journey that provides them with the greatest artistic satisfaction, making this style one of the most valuable to enjoy writing!

Muhammad Asad Raza