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Real Estate Video Marketing: An Ultimate Guide to Sell More Properties

In digital marketing, videos become essential and compelling content that people like to consume before making a buying decision. Statistics show that more than 80% of marketers are using video as a marketing tool. As the consumption rate of videos increases every year, video marketing is becoming an excellent option for brands and businesses to promote their business creatively and efficiently. Videos affect the behavioral pattern of consumers effectively. And it has also helped the overall Digital Marketing for real estate in India to boost their sales and make their brand popular.

This article will give you an overview of how video marketing can help your real estate business with some tips to make your marketing campaign successful. 

Benefits of Real Estate Video Marketing

A good video marketing strategy can be game-changing for the real estate business, and it can drastically help the overall digital marketing campaign. If you want to make your brand popular and be ahead of the competition, it is crucial to provide valuable and engaging video content to your target audience. These are some of the benefits of real estate video marketing you should know.  

  • Helps in Search Engine Optimisation

Uploading real estate videos on YouTube is an excellent way of getting ranked on both YouTube and Google. On the search engine result page, Google shows the video results on top of the page for the relevant keywords, and it can benefit the search engine optimisation of the business. 

  • Increase brand awareness

Video marketing is the best way to boost the brand awareness of real estate business and to become popular in a particular neighborhood or city. People may also share your content if they like, which can further increase the reach and number of leads.

  • Build reputation 

A real estate brand active on social media and consistently uploading video content is more likely to build reputation and trust amongst its target audience. As people trust businesses with a good online presence, video marketing for realtors becomes a crucial strategy to compete with other brands in the market. 

Best Real Estate Videos for Marketing 

These are some of the best video content that real estate brands should consider in the video marketing campaign. 

  • Property tours

Property tour videos are one of the best video contents real estate brokers and developers can upload to provide in-depth information of the property and location. You can creatively use property tour videos and post on different platforms to update your followers regarding the availability of properties and their details. 

  • Video blogs

A video blog can be similar to a property for a real estate business. With an excellent content concept, you can show the overall project’s information, including amenities, neighborhood, essential facilities, etc. From an excellent intro to a call to action in the video blog, you can attract many home buyers and genuine clients. 

  • Testimonials

A video testimonial is another helpful content proven to be beneficial for the marketing campaign, and you can upload them on business websites and social media platforms. You can request the client to record feedback for the testimonial or add screenshots of comments and messages of happy customers.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ videos are also great video content that can solve customers’ queries and increase your brand’s engagement level on the Internet. You can pick the most asked questions from your comment section or direct messages and provide detailed answers to every query. 

Real Estate Video Marketing Tips

For successful property video marketing, there are many tips and suggestions you should know. These are some of the crucial tips that can help your campaign and help you sell more properties. 

  • Shoot ready to move properties

Watching the property videos under construction or not in good condition can be annoying for the clients and can affect your video marketing campaign. It is always good to record the property tour video when the property is ready with painting, washing, home accessories, etc. 

  • Hire a videographer

To record a good quality video, you need some decent camera setup, good lighting, and stabilization tools. You can either purchase these tools or hire a professional videographer to provide you with non-shaky, super smooth videos with good cinematics. 

  • Choose aspect ratio

Before recording a video decide where you will be uploading it. Different platforms and content require different aspect ratios. For instance, if you are recording a video for an Instagram story or reel, you should go with the 9:16 ratio, and for the YouTube or IGTV videos, you should select the 16:9 aspect ratio. 


All the above tips and benefits mentioned above will help your video marketing campaign increase your leads and property sales. However, one of the most effective ways to get things done professionally and creatively is by hiring a marketing agency that will take care of videos from script to quality. 

Amura Tech is one of the most reputed agencies that has provided remarkable outcomes for businesses in digital marketing for real estate in India. Here you get all marketing services at an attractive price that will undoubtedly grow your business’s online presence and reach. Contact us soon to start your successful online marketing journey.

Muhammad Asad Raza