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Quick Guide For Hiring A Truck

The process of renting a flatbed truck to the very first time could be stress-inducing. Therefore, this short guide will assist you in choosing the most convenient pickup service for renting a truck located on The Gold Coast, take the stress out of choosing the best vehicle for the task at the correct cost and provide the highest quality customer service.

Selecting the appropriate truck or van for the task

Most important is to align a load of Hiab truck with that of you. Begin by measuring the size of your cargo to determine the weight. Are you home to heavy items like your family piano or bulky, heavy furniture? Are you able to use king-sized or four-poster beds, as well as big wardrobes? Do you have the ability to take them apart, or will they have to be moved in a set? The ability of a truck to comfortably hold your load will mean you only require one trip, and you do not have to pay for space you won’t use.


This is an important aspect when renting a vehicle. Do you need the truck to be taken to your workplace and then collected afterwards, or do you want to take it to the depot of your company and then return it? If you are moving a long distance, it is cheaper to rent an all-in rental.

If you fly into a city and require taxis to get the truck, it may be more expensive than letting them leave your truck in the terminal for you.

Driving age and limitations

You’ll require a driver’s license to rent all vehicles in Australia; however, sometimes, there are restrictions on age for different size trucks. Also, for big trucks, you’ll require an appropriate license. There is typically more expensive rates for those who are younger or less experienced drivers. There are also different rates for multiple drivers.


Most rentals of trucks in the Gold Coast require a credit card to make a rental payment, though some accept debit cards provided you pay a sufficient amount of deposit. However, you should be aware of certain restrictions when you make payments using a debit card.

Protection and insurance

All rental agreements come with insurance basics, and rental firms offer many different policies if you need these. The majority of credit cards include comprehensive insurance coverage for vehicles. Some home insurance policies and private car insurance policies cover rental vehicles, but check them out first.

Accessories for moving and other supplies

There’s a wide selection of various straps, pads, hand carts, moving blankets and hand trolleys that are available. It would help if you considered whether you require hydraulic lifters or a ramp, Hiab-crane, or other tools to facilitate your move and make it more secure.

Do you require more space? Perhaps you’ll require a roof rack, or you’d like to pull a trailer. The staff at the Truck rental at The Gold Coast will advise you on your choices.

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