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Staircase fitters
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Professional Staircase fitters in London

Looking for a custom staircase fitters in London? Alanmarblestone are specialists in staircase design and installation and are able to design, supply and install a wide range of staircases throughout London. Our renowned stair company prides itself on the quality of its stairs. Whether you’re renovating a home or apartment from scratch, we create stunning staircase designs and ensure the perfect installation.

Our stair company’s extensive experience allows us to install individual stairs and achieve excellent results every time. Our stair company can install all types of residential and commercial stairs You can create attractive and attractive stairs that are not the way to go not only deal with them and move from them one floor to another.

Our staircase will be the focal point of any room and can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, wood and metal. Your staircase will always be designed to your taste and your property. We work closely with all our customers to meet these needs.

Supply and installation of stairs in London

Use the 3D view of the 3D ladder when designing the ladder. This is a very useful tool to see what your stairs will look like. Introducing stairs with different angles and materials. All that is left is your imagination when developing your ideas. Check out our portfolio for staircase design ideas we’ve been working on. Think marble, oak, glass stairs, steel stairs, and more.

The design of the stairs affects the whole structure. While it may be seen as a physical solution to the housing crisis, it has enormous potential to change the way real estate is designed. In some cases, planning permissions are required to install new stairs. Our team of experts can advise on this to ensure all projects comply with regulations. From here, we will carry out engineering drawings and carry out appropriate surveys to ensure your new staircase is manufactured to the highest standards.

Perfect staircase manufacturer in London

When it comes to installing stairs, our experts do it without any problems. Every piece of the new staircase is custom made, including all the little details like rungs, rungs and ropes. Stone stair manufacturer alanmarblestone will complete this and install it once the stair is complete. If the staircase is part of a larger construction project, we can work closely with all other professionals, including builders and architects.

Types of Staircase

Straight staircase

A straight ladder is a step that does not change direction. This is probably one of the most common types of stairs found in homes and businesses. Below are examples of vertical raised staircases made of different paving, wood species and wood species.

L-shaped staircase

An L-shaped staircase is a straight step with a side foot. This type of curve is usually obtained with additional sedimentation at the transition points. The turn is usually 90 degrees, but it doesn’t have to be. If the landing stair is up or down, it is sometimes called a long L stair or quarter leg stair.

Circular staircases

Round stairs are technically round stairs and should primarily rotate around the center or axis and without any steps or columns in the middle They are beautiful, portable, and come in all shapes and sizes. A straight external circular staircase runs between the floors and is unattached.

Spiral staircase

A circular staircase is a circular staircase with a beam or column in the middle. It’s popular because it’s inexpensive and takes up little space. They can be made of steel, wood or a combination thereof. Exterior spiral staircases are usually made of steel and plastered or painted.

Split Staircase

Also known as box stairs, they usually consist of a narrow series of stairs starting at the bottom and ending with the landing gear on one side of the aircraft.

Winder Stairs

He built a pie-shaped staircase instead of a landing. This ladder set can be used to design the ladder to be fully floating. Or, as mentioned earlier, there is a staircase fitters instead of a space between the two. Scroll patterns include several different codes such as minimum line width and walking speed.