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sensitive people

Problems that only highly sensitive people will understand

Highly sensitive persons are individuals who feel things more deeply due to their sensory processing sensitivity.

People who are HSPs tend to feel things more deeply. They are sensitive to light, crowds, and noise. HSPs also are extremely empathetic people who take the energy of the room.

Since they take things personally, they become scared of conflict and aggression. Whether it be some fight around them or violence in television, they feel unsettled by either.

HSPs also are therefore more prone to mental health challenges like depression and anxiety, which require the help of a Psychiatrist in Lahore then.

Problems that HSPs face

Due to the heightened sensitivity that HSPs face, there are many problems encountered, including:

Avoid confrontation

Highly sensitive persons cannot handle conflict due to which they avoid confrontation. This can then make them vulnerable as well then.

Cannot take conflicts

HSPs hate conflict, due to the emotional toll that it takes on their mind. Since they are extremely empathetic, they cannot handle disappointing others. Therefore, conflict makes

them stressed.

Cannot take loud noises

Some people thrive in crowds and loud noise. Whether it be concerts, theatres, cinemas, they are not fond of any such place. It takes a great toll on their sensory system then.

Can’t disappoint others

It is very hard for HSPs to disappoint others. Since they are sensitive to the tone and choice of words, therefore, even if there is a hint of disappointment, they feel crushed. They cannot take raised voices either.

Get easily upset

Since HSPs feel things more than ordinary people do, they are drained through different facets. Hence, since they fulfill their quota through the day rather easily, therefore, any stresses that are not handled well by them.

Hence, they become more irritated by loud noises, they feel foul odor more strongly, mess might make them unable to relax.

Need more downtime

HSPs feel wearier from the life events that other people might be taking in stride. Therefore, they need more downtime. They need space to gather their thoughts after a hectic day. Similarly, they also need to get more sleep. When they are unable to get the requisite rest, their nerves get fraught.

Soak feelings of others

People who are HSPs soak up on the energy of the room. If people around them are in tension, stressed, or are feeling sad, they then pick on these emotions.

Moreover, since they fear negative emotions, they, therefore, feel the need to make everyone around them happy. They then do anything to support people around them. This takes a great toll on their mental health. They become exhausted from trying to cater to the emotional needs of those around them.


HSPs are not like ordinary people, they are more attuned to their own emotions as well as those around them. While it can be a good thing but is often a great burden too.

They tend to recognize problems with people’s tonality and their moods, even if they are putting up a façade.

As they feel the true emotions of those around them, it makes them more emotionally drained then.

Take things personally

Highly sensitive persons are more likely to take things personally. Whether it be a joke or critique, they tend to react adversely to it since they feel things more deeply. They are less likely to shrug things off.

Irritable when hungry

We all feel down when our blood sugar levels plummet, which is also referred to as being hangry, but people who are HSPs have a more extreme reaction to hypoglycemia as they are more sensitive to the changes in their blood sugar levels


HSPs easily become stressed. Whether it be the tension in the room or trying to get things on time, they are more likely to experience stress, which may also then require the help of the Psychiatrist in Karachi then.