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Prefab Homes: For Those Who Prefer Tiny Living

Small blue gray mobile home with a front and side porch. It has a white porch railing out in the country on land shared by a larger siding house.

When reality strikes, you become aware that building a traditional house is very costly. And statistics reveal that it could cost you at least $313,800 to assemble your dream house. Merely looking at those digits makes you think having a place could be financially exhausting.

Getting a dream house seems almost impossible for most people because of budgetary constraints. But now that the world is changed, things that would have been unthinkable become real. As such, most countries across the globe, including Australia, are adapting modular homes as a trend for housing. Some people call it prefab homes which is a shortcut for prefabrication. 

Prefab homes became popular not only for their budget-friendly nature. More so because of its mass customisability feature. Having a house with the best and most practical features: isn’t that the definition of a dream? Well, most definitely. And that’s why if you agree with this idea of a dream house, prefab homes could be your ideal preference. They’re high-quality, artistic, and durable; just the right ingredients you’re probably looking to consider.

Moving forward, in traditional housing, you can be prone to multiple errors in customisation and design. Conversely, prefab housing tries to rectify these lapses by giving you an integrated service. 

Does it feel like you’ve learned a lot already? If that’s the case, it is only appropriate to assume that you’re in for more. Hence, here are some detailed merits you can count on: 

Affordability/Low Cost

As mentioned earlier, traditional houses are costly. But, on the other hand, modular housing only costs approximately $2500 and $3000 per square metre. So it means in just $114,000, you can have an 85 square metre home. 

Quick Construction 

Unlike traditional housing, it only takes a short time to erect a prefab house. And when it says fast, it means 4-10 hours or less than a day. 

The materials used in building your house are carefully pieced in a factory environment. This way, you get to check it and see for yourself during attachment. 

Better Sustainability 

Prefab houses are known for being environmentally friendly. And since the world’s resources are finite, being a part of a trend that promotes material efficiency helps a lot in resource conservation. Besides, it is also energy-efficient, as most prefab homes have glass panels that give natural lighting. 

Support Expertise 

The service providers of modular homes are guaranteed experts. It’s their service and field of interest, and hence, they take time and effort to master the craft. 

You usually get joint ventures from multiple contractors and architectures in traditional housing. Contrarily, prefab housing provides a wholesome plan with properly coordinated concepts across disciplines.

A potential clash of ideas is highly anticipated in a housing project. As such, getting the service of a company that has everything in control appears to be a solution.

Modernistic Art Styles 

Architects working for prefab homes are mostly modernists. And as modernists, it’s their goal to ensure that your house won’t be ugly and outdated. 

So, find a company that ensures bespoken, meticulous, and inspiring architectural design. Remember, your house can be a reflection of who you are. 

In this life, one of the most rewarding things is relaxing and enjoying your home. As everyone would say, there is no place as comfortable as home. Hence, nobody should be deprived of a place worthy of calling home. 

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