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Polymer concrete is a great environmentally friendly option

Polymer concrete is a smooth and ideal material used for construction purposes outdoors. Main purpose of Armorock polymer concrete is that it is used for the construction of new buildings and for the repairing of old buildings. Polymer concrete is a type of concrete that uses polymer to replace lime-type cements as a binder. It might be used in combination with Portland cement in order to make polymer cement concrete. Polymer concrete is very useful because it has low water resistance and provide protection against corrosion. As its strength is higher therefore it provides thinner walls to the components manufactured.

 Why polymer concrete is a great environmentally friendly option?

Polymer concrete is environmentally friendly. The components of polymer concrete are bound together by polyester resins. At the end of the life cycle of polymer concrete, it can be recycled. The important components of polymer concrete are mineral aggregates. Polymer concrete escape polyester resins until the polymer concrete becomes harden. Every part of the product made of polymer concrete can be recycled ecologically and cost effectively.

  • Water Absorption / Frost Resistance:

Polymer concrete has water absorption of less than 0.5% which ensures it is frost proof.

  • Chemical Qualities:

Polymer concrete is non-porous with a sealed and capillary-free structure, as opposed to standard concrete.

  • Ageing Resistance:

Polymer concrete has long span because it has more binding forces. The surface of these components are smooth because their surfaces don’t wash and they are frost- and UV-resistant.

  • Long durability:

It also provides long-lasting protection against harmful chemicals, provides a smooth surface, and increases the quality of the product.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

Polymer concrete is an inert material and can therefore be used with confidence. This concrete is strong but it is light in weight. Products that are made of this type of polymer, are almost 75% lighter as compared to that made of other materials. This quality makes it more suitable than the ordinary type of products. Because of its lightweight, it’s easier to transport it.

Uses of Armorock Polymer Concrete in Infrastructure:

Polymer concrete due to its unique features presents a unique opportunity to improve current infrastructure challenges in a better way. It reduces maintenance requirements and provides long-lasting lifespan. And due to its long durability, it reduces the cost of the projects like this. In the following applications, polymer armorock is mainly used:

– By using armorock polymer concrete in different projects you may get several benefits such as reduction in the requirement of maintenance and it is a source of saving money.

– Polymer concrete can be used for a number of projects (it can be used in storm water management, waste water treatment facilities, and in the construction of bridges and other infrastructure projects ).

– It is used as a supporting material for the construction of building  because of its extra protection against degradation, corrosion and other chemicals.

How does Armorock polymer concrete work? Several modern technologies are developed for making manufacturing easy and to reduce the cost spent on manufacturing it. The main purpose of development of these technologies is to make such polymer concrete that is more environmentally friendly.