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Piper Aircraft Crashes Near Dallas Executive Airport

On July 28, a single-engine Plane crash Dallas in the area around Dallas Executive Airport. The plane, a Piper PA-32, went down at approximately 2:45 p.m. off a trail in a forested section of Boulder Park airplane crash. This location is approximately a half mile south of Dallas Executive Airport near Pastor Bailey Drive and Red Bird Lane.

The Piper PA-32 is a light aircraft that has room for five passengers in addition to the pilot. The only person on board the plane that crashed on Thursday was the pilot; there were no passengers. The length of the aircraft is approximately 27 feet, while the width of its wingspan is 32 feet.

Dallas Fire-Rescue (DFR) personnel arrived at the scene of the accident and reported finding the lone pilot awake and alert. He received medical attention after being brought to the hospital.

It is not known what caused the plane to go down in the ocean. There was no sign of a fuel leak, and the rest of the aircraft did not appear to have any damage that may have caused the crash, according to Dallas Fire-Rescue.

According to NBC 5, the pilot was on a short trip from Arlington Municipal Airport to Dallas Executive Airport when he reported issues with the engine just south of his destination. The aircraft originated at Arlington Municipal Airport.

Both the City of Arlington and the City of Dallas each operate a regional airport that caters specifically to business leaders. These airports are known as Arlington Municipal and Dallas Executive, respectively. There is also a flight school located at the Arlington Municipal Airport.