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PHP is Essential for Web Development

7 Top Factors That Make PHP Still Essential for Web Development

PHP is a very old programming language, and for 25 years, it has been in the market. When an innovative programming language or technology is released, there will almost certainly be a debate over where PHP is ‘dead.’ It is also true that PHP is not among the most popular language.  Despite this, it is still utilized by almost 80% of all websites, including major platforms such as WordPress and Facebook.

Moreover, WordPress is the top trend in web development, yet PHP is still used to edit and develop its themes and plugins. Why it’s still being used? To answer this, we have highlighted seven factors that make PHP still essential for web development.

Factors highlighting the usage of PHP

PHP is a general programming language used to develop interactive and engaging websites. It was one of the pioneer server-side languages that could be incorporated into HTML, making it easy to add functionality to websites without requiring data from other files.

Its application has grown over time, with regular updates (version 8.0 was launched in November 2020) introducing new functionality and enabling new capabilities. Though it is no longer regarded as the most enticing of languages. Here are several essential PHP advantages that explain why it is still crucial in web development.

1. Easy to learn and use

One of the major reasons PHP got so popular is that it is quite simple to learn. Even without expertise or training in web development, many people could build a web page in a reasonably short amount of time using a single PHP file. Because the syntax is simple and command functions are simple to understand. It has lower entry barriers than many other languages.

2. Available as open source Language

Php is available as an open-source programming language. This makes it easier for developers because it can be quickly and cost-freely installed. There is also free access to various PHP frameworks, including Laravel and Symfony. This attribute is also enticing to businesses because it helps to control web development costs.

It can be used to develop websites and deal with current technology trends. It is easy and free to use. So, do you want a Php website at a low cost? Do you want it to be interactive and incorporated with current technology trends? Then try engaging with the best web development Dubai company and get your website at low rates.

3. It’s versatile

One of the primary advantages of PHP is that it is environment independent, which means it can be deployed on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux and is compatible with most web browsers. It also supports all of the main web servers, making it simple to install on various systems and applications at a low cost.

4. Enjoys strong community support

PHP has a big and committed community base to promote it as a veteran programming language that is extensively implemented. Several tutorials, FAQs, and tips are available to assist new PHP programmers and keep pushing the language’s bounds through continuous upgrades.

5. Fast and secure

Every company wants its website or application to be both quick and safe. PHP employs its own storage and performs well in terms of performance, especially when using recent versions. One significant advantage is that there are now numerous tools, frameworks, and best practices to repair vulnerabilities and guard against attacks.

6. Well-connected with databases.

PHP makes it simple to connect securely to practically any type of database. This allows developers more flexibility in determining which database is better for the application under development. PHP supports approximately 20 database vendors, ranging from free and open-source databases such as MySQL to enterprise-level databases such as Microsoft SQL Server.

7. It is tried and tested.

One important advantage of existing for 25 years is that PHP script has been tested in various real-world scenarios. The major problems have been identified and addressed, making the language more reliable and trustworthy among developers. Furthermore, various frameworks and applications have been developed throughout time to assist in making PHP website development more safe, fast, and more successful.

This is why Php is still being used in the current development processes. It is reliable, fast, and efficient for businesses and customers. Is your website not safe? Does your website have security breaches? Do you want a safe, secure website with versatile features? Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a web development company, and get your secure website at low rates.

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