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The Art of Creating Print Perfect Product Images Using Product Background Removal Method

Whether you are selling a million-dollar home, a quarter-million-dollar car, or a $5 t-shirt – you need to position your product in such a way that makes it attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. The art of product promotion is to make those product images publish worthy. With the use of photo background removal service, you can easily make your product photos more visually attractive in buyers’ minds.

Some say perception is reality. What a person perceives is what drives that person to make a purchasing decision. From that point of view, it is extremely important to make a product image look appealing to potential buyers. A product owner or marketing agency, therefore, does whatever they need to do to achieve that goal. One most common practice is to remove the background from the product image so that the image blends into the publishing platform.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove the Background from Product Images?

There are all kinds of products out there and not all products are made equal. When it comes to removing the background, the cost depends on how much work involved in removing the background from the product image.

For example, a cellphone is a straight edge object with only 4 sides to it. Removing the background from a picture like that, therefore, is the easiest type of background removal process. On the other hand, a bicycle has wheels and so many spokes in a single wheel. It, therefore, becomes extremely time-consuming to remove the background behind each and every single small section of an image. It is only natural that removing the background from a bicycle therefore will cost a lot more than that of a cellphone. Talk to your photo editing services company to get a quote on your custom project.

Who Removes the Background from Product Photos?

If someone is playing with an image and needs to remove the background for their own personal reason, then the person can do it on their own. There are plenty of free photo editing applications online that will help you do a half-decent job on removing the background. Removing the background from an image that way will make the image usable for personal purposes in some aspect.

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If the product image however needs to be edited for commercial purposes, a professional photo editing company will be needed to do the job. There is no way a product owner will have the skills to the time to do it on their own. A product photographer shooting the product photography will not have time to do that either as they will be busy shooting hundreds or in some cases thousands of items.  it is therefore a common practice to hire a professional image editing or background removal services company to do the job.

Best Practice in Hiring a Background Removal Services Company

Photo editing companies or freelancers offering this service are dime a dozen. You do a simple search online for the search term and you will find page after page full of such service providers. Look at their portfolio sites, get a feel for their business and expertise, ask for a free trial, discuss pricing before making a purchase decision. Maybe start with a small job at the beginning and see how the process goes. If everything works out fine, you can continue sending your images to that company in the future.

Muhammad Asad Raza