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PC Components for building gaming PC by PC Power Up

PC Components for building gaming PC by PC Power Up

Gaming enthusiasts know that nothing can beat the quality of game they will get through a desktop gaming PC. The question is, what exactly configuration is best suited for an unforgettable gaming experience? Well, the experts of PC Power Up have tried to name best PCs components that are considered the best gaming computers, but before we present them here, let us inform you a little more about the important things when choosing a gaming computer. Visit to learn more


The quality mouse gives you precision in games (especially first-person shooting), customizable buttons, and the option to change the dpi from your own program.

The sensor is the most important part of the mouse. The weak sensor spoils the gaming experience, affecting its accuracy. For best accuracy, I recommend using it only on a synthetic gamepad.

Its size must be taken into account for increased comfort during use. The choice of size also depends on the style in which it is used: palm grip, nail grip or finger grip.


Gaming monitors are different from those used in office computers or when editing photos / videos. They need to be fast and offer very short response times, especially in fast games. The refresh rate of the monitor should be 144Hz and its resolution should be chosen depending on the performance of the video card.

Therefore, the choice of gaming monitor is made taking into account its resolution, screen diagonal, refresh rate, response time and panel type.

More about the recommended game monitors your systems can be found on PC Power Up.


The amount of RAM, their type and frequency can make a big difference not only in the gaming computer, but also in the normal use of other programs. If you’ve ever made your computer run slow when you have a lot of programs open or a lot of pages in your browser, it’s probably your RAM. RAM can cause games to be pulled due to lost frames or even a malfunction in the game if the memory is not enough.

RAM is occupied by all open applications. Even if games are not included, some of them are consumed by the operating system, firewall, antivirus program, browser, etc. In short, even if you haven’t run an application, some RAM is consumed only to run on your computer. It is recommended that other applications be closed when we start a game, as they consume resources, including RAM.


We have three types of storage that we need to consider in a gaming system, but none of them affect game performance. SSDs are the latest storage option for computer systems. They have a higher write and read speed than traditional hard drives, but also have a slightly higher price.

Depending on the format, SSDs are divided into: M.2 SSD, 2.5 INCH SSD and ADD-IN card. SSD and HDD storage media can be used in combination. In this case, the operating system and the most used games or programs must be stored on the SSD, taking into account its storage capacity. Building a PC is not everyone’s cup of tea. You may not have the time, knowledge or expertise required to get a rig up and running. However, that shouldn’t deter you from getting an optimal gaming experience. Therefore, you should build your own PC from The MVP for the best deals, professional support, and more!

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