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Online Age Verification – Use cases and Benefits to Protect Minors

The present age is a digital age in which each individual is frequently using digital devices for entertainment purposes, communication, and research. It is estimated that globally, one out of three users under the age of 18 are using digital devices. Online platforms provide many opportunities for children for the intention of learning, which is effective for children’s growth. But extraordinary use of onsite platforms is not safe for children. As they are not aware of self-protection, an online age verification solution is introduced.

Why is Age Verification Online a Necessity? 

Age verification is a process of verification of the age and identity of a person when he is purchasing age-restricted items online. Onsite merchants of age-restricted services and goods are working to access the underage minors to save minors. Moreover, it is important to verify age as it helps to avoid chargebacks in case of access to credit cards and debit cards of parents by their children.  Hence, unfortunately, there is no proper knowledge and clarity to the end-users regarding verification methods which causes online verifications a challenge. This challenge can lead to many risks and issues which can be a reason for penalties and bad market image.      

Risks of Identity Fraud in Age Verification Process

The age verification process is a very important requirement for e-commerce companies, which provide content related to adults, services, and products. But because no awareness of age verification raises risks to online businesses. These risks are given below;

Bad Reputation of Brands

Verification of age not only secures minors but also affects the status of businesses that are serving their clients on online platforms. Online sites have to be responsible for recognizing fake identities for better business operations.  

Financial Risks

Many financial institutions need age verification for the customers to complete the global regulatory frameworks. All states have different rules and regulations such as the UK and USA consider the age verification system compulsory for all organizations and in case of non-compliance, heavy punishments would be implemented. These age verification measures assist an organization to enhance its market value and status.

Fake Identities

It is assumed that minors use the identity documents of their guardians to purchase the items online. In that scenario, if a business does not have enough measures for identity verification, it can affect its credibility. On the other side, these fraudulent use stole identities of someone to get benefits and services. These advantages include old age funds and pensions of people. Scammers use false identities to avail these services in a legal way. 

Process of Online Age Verification 

Perform age checks are compulsory for the reason that children could be away from age-restricted products. Therefore the procedures of age certification are introduced, so businesses can be satisfied that the end-users are above the age of 18. There are two types of identification: the traditional one and the one which is used nowadays. The traditional method of verification is given below:

Self Check of an Individual

This method of age check is in which customers are verified by their age through checkboxes, and require their date of birth. This age verification solution in the USA is used so Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) restricts all online businesses to gather the personal information of children to acquire parents’ agreement. This self-verification is now used in all social n networking sites and online e-commerce websites. 

Credit/Debit Card Identification

Credit card verification is not secure as children can use parents’ cards for transactions to make purchases for their purposes which can lead to business loss. This kind of verification is not secure as it does not verify the age of the end-user

Age Checks Through ID Documents and Biometrics

This identification procedure is far better than the traditional one. In this method, the customer is bound to show his legal ID documents on camera or a selfie for further verification procedures in which data is extracted and verified through OCR solutions. Then after a successful match age is verified and results are provided. This way of identification becomes convenient for all serious buyers. This is the only verification way to protect the individual who is under the age of 18.

Organizations that Needs to Verify Age

There are several industries that need verification of age such as;

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Online gaming
  • Online date websites
  • Tobaccos and carabiners
  • Alcohol 

In a Nutshell

To end the whole discussion it is concluded that online age verification is compulsory for all online businesses to avoid false identity from minors. Age checks help businesses to verify the age of end-users before selling any item or providing them any services.


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