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Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects in Islamabad

With a boom in the real estate sector, several new real estate projects are being developed in Islamabad. Here are a few of the ongoing projects in Islamabad that are worth looking into. Invest in Lahore Smart City.

E11 Islamabad

E11 Islamabad is in zone-1 of Islamabad and is near Margalla Hills. The location of E11 Islamabad is one of its most attractive features. It is near two major cities of Pakistan, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and has easy access from several roads. Furthermore, several housing societies are located around E11, including Park view city and Capital smart city. All major sites of Islamabad are at a short distance from E11, including the Centaurus Mall, which is 18 minutes away if you are traveling by car. E 11 Islamabad has state-of-the-art facilities and excellent infrastructure, ensuring a high living standard for its residents. Unlike many areas in Pakistan, E11 Islamabad has a clean and peaceful environment with gas and water facilities, making life easy and smooth. If you have ever lived in Pakistan, you have surely suffered from the constant load shedding; E11 Islamabad stands out as it promises to be a load-shedding free society.

The city is divided into districts that make management easier and more efficient. Each district is responsible for providing facilities to its residents. The master plan is extremely well planned, providing all the relevant facilities. There is an education and health district along with an education city. The schools in the smart capital city ensure high standard learning provided by qualified teachers. Moreover, the hospitals are modernly built, equipped with the latest technology and machinery. The authorities have approved E11 Islamabad. Thus, you dont have to worry about it being declared illegal in the future. E11 Islamabad has become increasingly popular in the real estate world. The majority of the work has been completed, and it is expected that they will soon hand over some plots to their new owners.

University Town Islamabad

The location of University town Islamabad is probably its strongest feature. It is nestled on the Kashmir highway near M2, connecting Lahore and Islamabad. Moreover, it is only a five-minute drive to the new Islamabad airport. This prominent location allows the residents to stay connected with the three major cities of Pakistan-Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Thus making a living in this society both feasible and convenient. University town MR is developing Islamabad. Abdul Aziz Khan. Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan was initially a professor in a university in Peshawar, and it was his first real estate project. Despite it being his first project, Mr. Abdul Aziz has gotten a lot of appreciation for the kind of work.

University Town Islamabad provides several facilities to its resident. It is a gated community with 24/7 camera surveillance to ensure completely safe for its residents. After reading about all the facilities provided by this housing society, you may think that its prices may be skyrocketing. However, that is not the case! Compared to other housing projects, University town has one of the most affordable prices. They provide houses at reasonable prices without compromising the quality of the facilities provided. Hence it allows people on low incomes to purchase their own homes finally. It has been listed as one of the most affordable housing societies in Pakistan and is a great investment opportunity.


Nova City is a housing society being built in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. The key characteristic of the nova city is that it connects the two cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, due to its central position. Unlike many other housing societies, nova city is not only aimed at the rich. A middle-class man can afford many affordable plots and houses. Along with being affordable, nova city provides top-class infrastructure and other facilities. Nova city is being developed by the Nova City developers owned by Mr. Junaid Afzal. They are well known and have a good reputation in the real estate world. When so many frauds occur, Nova city Islamabad has already been approved, hence carrying no risk of you losing your investment.

Do you want to invest Rudn Enclave.


The above-listed housing societies are expected to emerge as the top housing societies in Islamabad after they have been made. Therefore, investment in these housing societies will be favorable.

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