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Omori Review

Friendship is good! Omori Review

The game begins with the fact that a boy named Omori finds himself in a strange and vibrant world, where he meets three guys: Audrey, Kel, and Hiro. Children are having a great time, playing with fairy creatures, and organizing a picnic with Omori’s sister Mari. But the fun ends when Basil’s boy is kidnapped by the rhino boss. At this point, the game switches to combat mode and teaches the basics of turn-based confrontations. The principle of battles is to attack, defend, use items and abilities. Everything is as usual.

Having defeated the boss, Basil invites the children to his home – in a giant shoe. And there Basil is kidnapped again! This time, a creepy shadow. From this moment, the main mission to find the missing friend begins.

Two worlds, two heroes

Then the game changes. With a knife in his chest, the boy wakes up in his bed. Now the action takes place in the real world. Here the hero is Sunny, and Omori is his alter ego in the HuniePop 2.

Sunny spent four years alone, all this time not leaving the house. Soon his life will change, because things have already been collected, and after three days he and his mother are moving to another city. And you need to have time to do as much as possible before leaving!

From this point on, the game gives us almost complete freedom of action. In the real world, we travel through a small town trying to reunite with friends who have changed a lot in four years. At the same time, we can help neighbors with errands, such as finding a missing remote control or observing the repair of a leaking pipe. We also have access to various types of part-time jobs, such as distributing tools, delivering pizza, or killing insects, which gives money to buy medicines and items.

Going to sleep, we return to an imaginary world, where we continue to search for Basil. Here we can visit a magical forest made of sweets, an island, or a moon with a ladder. These locations have secret locations where unique creatures live with their own tasks.

In an imaginary world, each child has unique abilities. Omori cuts traffic cones and webs with a knife, Audrey smashes large obstacles and vases with his bat, Cel activates remote switches by throwing objects at them, and Hiro uses his charisma(Lesser restoration 5e) to get his way. To activate the ability, you must select the desired child as a leader.

Thus, we must complete all available missions in both worlds, because they change a lot with each passing day.

Omori focuses on the relationship between friends. Taking damage, we fill a special scale that allows us to carry out special techniques. Cel passes his friends, Audrey supports them, Hiro heals, and Omori attacks harder. With a fully filled scale, all four carry out an ultimatum attack.

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The more you experience together, the stronger your bond becomes and the more effective the techniques become. It also has an interesting system of emotions. Any character can get angry, cheerful, or sad, gaining an advantage or vulnerability to other emotions. Omori is the only one whose emotions change up to three times.

Despite the fact that Omori is easy to play, it is an extremely enjoyable game. She rewards us for research. In any corner of the world, you can find a character with his own story or original location. We will meet a variety of opponents, whose name is a play on words. And in one moment, we can literally destroy the Earth.

Fears and mental disorders

The game reveals well the topic of phobias, whether it be the fear of spiders or the fear of drowning. If you approach water or a cobweb, the hero will refuse to go further, and the screen will begin to darken. Shadows will creep up to us, symbolizing our fears.

Omori also clearly shows depression, self-loathing, parental indifference, suicide and resentment. How important is the support of loved ones at such moments!


Omori is a powerful and versatile game with elaborate characters and a huge variety of actions. A simple yet beautifully revealed story of friendship, loss, and the importance of supporting close friends puts Omori on par with other great RPGs like Lisa or Undertale. Make sure to give it a try if simple graphics don’t bother you.


  • Perfectly revealed characters, including minor ones
  • Original gameplay like F95zone
  • The world is interesting to explore
  • Great visual style
  • Well-disclosed fears and complexes
  • The game talks about the importance of mutual assistance
  • Pleasant music
  • The world is skilfully shown from the point of view of a child


  • Doesn’t support Russian


Muhammad Asad Raza