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New World Beginner’s Guide – Must To Do Things For Starting

Iccn order to gain a foothold in Aeternum, you can use a few tricks. A good start in an MMO like New World is essential so that you are not covered by other players but come out of the overall battle for the crown of all players in New World as a winner. Today we will show you the best way to start the game and establish your character. So let’s not talk about the bush for a long time, but start right away with the first tips.

Watch your weight

Even if the armor with the most weight also offers the most stats for survival, it is not always an advantage to put them on. Heavy armor will protect you more, but you will also get agility debuffs and dodging problems.

All of your armor and inventory combined can slow you down tremendously. So in order to always be mobile and to be able to evade well, you should empty your inventory from time to time. To do this, it makes sense to own a house and use the storage space there.

The durability is important

Your armor and your weapons only have certain durability. Every now and then, you should keep an eye on the durability of your equipment and repair it. You can repair it with a little New World gold and repair parts. The repair parts can be obtained from weapons that you do not want to use. One advantage of this is that you also muck out your inventory and have more weight-free again.

Shorten travel times

In the world of Aeternum, there are many fast travel shrines that you can use to make traveling a little better and faster. So it is worth exploring the “New World” a little and unlocking the shrines.

Taverns can also shorten your travel time significantly because you can check in with the bartender in the tavern and then have the ability to return to the tavern. The whole thing has a one-hour cooldown but can also save a lot of time.

But don’t just rely on the taverns. If you are far away in the wilderness of Aeternum, a camp can help you. Camps serve as a temporary respawn point and as a side effect, you can also use a little crafting at the camps. You can also upgrade camp from level 15 after completing a quest and use it to craft even better items.

Start crafting early

Crafting is an important part of the New World and you should start doing it early. At higher levels with better resources, you can make very good equipment for yourself. If you start early, you can make equipment for yourself earlier than you would otherwise need quest or loot drops for.

In addition to the advantages of equipping your character for creating meta PVE/PVP builds, you can also sell the manufactured items at a trading post and thus expand your wallet a bit, should you still need it to buy other equipment.

On the subject of crafting, we have guides for smelting and lumbering, which we hope can bring you a good income.

Get yourself a house

A house offers you many advantages. A house in a settlement not only brings you a teleport to this house but also a lot of storage space and also the permanent buffs from trophies in your house. So if you have trophies and none in your house, you should do so immediately, because these buffs can bring you enormous advantages in the fight around Aeternum.

Muhammad Asad Raza