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New Bitcoin miner and New Era in Mining Industry

Who remembers this company from the Bitcoin Conference in Wynwood?

A Company called Era Network Technologies, represented there willing to collaborate with TSMC in Wynwood, in order to create new mining chips. Just a journalist and guy whose name is Jacob Angerson. Now they are presenting to the world New Miners with 3 and 4 nm custom chips.

Era Network’s superior crypto mining solutions are created using cutting-edge crypto-mining technology from the next era. The best thing about their miners is that they provide an incredible investment potential for all cryptocurrency miners, including those with no prior expertise or experience in IT or cryptocurrency mining.

Era Network is a manufacturing firm founded, owned, and managed by a group of investors and well-known crypto industry specialists who are committed to delivering the advantages of cutting-edge technology advances to the general population. The firm provides a spectacular assortment of cryptocurrency miners that provide a rapid return on investment and can be set up and utilized by anybody, regardless of expertise or understanding.

This industry-leading software provides maximum control over mining for experts willing to stretch their inventiveness. Era network only have two available options which are Sol X and Sol Pro.

Sol X has the highest power usage of any Sol model, up to 2700W. Sol X, which is made up of two WE4 4nm chips, allows a client to power through workflows on an unparalleled scale. As a result, a client can execute single chain mining. The WE4 chip kicks off the next generation of Era silicon, with even more of WE4’s speed and power efficiency, allowing clients to get more done in less timeWE4 is the agency’s first chip particularly built for Sol. On a single small chip, Era silicon merges the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O, and much more. WE4, with an incredible 21 billion transistors, gives great performance, innovative technology, and incredible power efficiency – a tremendous leap for Sol. The price for Sol X is $3599 only

Sol Pro has an Eras high-performance computing hardware EraX 3nm chip with increrable. 540Th/s and 7Gh/s powerful hashrate and low power consumption, allowing miners to explore the new future of web3. Sol Pro’s outstanding data processing capacity is provided by Eras’ self-developed high-performance computer processor, which always maintains great and reliable working conditions. Enhance computer efficiency. The price for Sol Pro is $7599 only

The Sol Pro, powered by EraX chip, is particularly built for crypto miners and is appropriate for home, workplace, and even a bedroom.

The miner as a whole is more integrated, safer, and more convenient. At the same time, the new optimized cooling structure increases cooling performance and extends the product’s life cycle.

Sol Pro has the feature of multi chain mining capacity and it has a high return on investment.

Sol X gives clients entire control over the mining process, including all they need to record, edit, and mix like never before. And, with a massive collection of combinations and thousands of permutations, a client will have everything they need to proceed from initial inspiration to final master, regardless of the type of process they want to build. Clients will receive the Sol X App for free which has perks that can enhance their mining experience’s creativity and productivity. Miners will have capability to set custom combinations, control temperature, turn on and off miners wireless.

The stores, offices, and data centers of Era Network are already carbon neutral. They also got rid of the plastic wrap that was around the Sol X and Sol Pro boxes, which saved 600 metric tons of plastic.

Era Network collaborates with Coinbase, CoinGecko, Trust Wallet, CoinMarketCap, and Synopsys, and they have Certificates of Conformity and Compliance, as well as goods that have been evaluated by third parties (Dongguan Dongdian Testing Services and TUV Rheinland).

In a recent interview, firm employees mentioned decreasing manufacturing power owing to chip shortage, which suggests these miners are in short supply and should be purchased as soon as possible.

There have been rumors regarding the impending Era Coin, but the firm has yet to make an official announcement.

Era Network has been committed to offering the best possible level of service.

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Company Name: Era Network



Phone number: +1 507 2644080