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Must-Have Attire When Growing Up On The Ranch In Australia

When growing up on the Ranch or cattle station in Australia, you must be aware of the Ranch’s clothing. The country clothing from The Signature Bull can provide you with several options for men, women, and kids from where you can choose. Let us discuss some of the must-have attires you require if you grow up on the cattle station.

Trousers and Overalls

Though not very attractive in looks, overalls can be highly comfortable when traveling around the farm. They can provide good coverage to your body and protect you from the Sun. Generally, many pockets are available on the attire to carry small essential things.

If you stay in the winter season in very cold regions, you may want to invest in insulated overalls. They are made up of soft-shell fabric that is wind-tight and waterproof. In addition, the chilly wind, snowfall, and rainfall can be prevented with the overalls.

When you are comfortable with trousers, you can go in work pants. Your work pants should be relaxed, sturdy, and roomy to ease your physical movements.

Shoes or Boots

For gardening or farming, several types of shoes are required. Good quality footwear with sturdy conditions will prevent your feet. Classic work boots made of leather can also be worn. Make sure all your farming footwear is near the door. This will help you pick up the one you need when you go out.


The country clothing from the Signature Bullcan suggest different headwear for different seasons. As different seasons demand different headwear, you must have all of them in your collection. During summers, the hat will protect the UV rays directly coming to the face. In winters, you will prefer woolen caps to keep your head warm.


When growing up on the cattle station, a good collection of gloves is required for farming or gardening. For gardening and activities which are a bit messy, rubber gloves are required. These gloves are not costly and can be bought in lots. If you are handling the livestock, leather gloves are necessary. During the winter season, woolen gloves or mittens are much in demand to protect you from the cold weather.

Neck Gaiters

Your neck can be protected against heat, cold, and dust with the neck gaiters. In addition, the gaiters are much more comfortable than bandanas or scarves. In summer, lightweight gaiters can prevent sunburn, and in the winters, woolen or heavy fabric can protect you from cold. If you want to make your gaiter then your go should be a custom printed gaiters with the vibrant designs.


The country clothing from the Signature Bull can provide you with several clothing options for several seasons. According to different weather conditions, the farm clothing can be customized. Besides clothing, different accessories like sunglasses are helpful to protect against sun rays. In addition, different gloves, boots, headwear, and clothing are required in different seasons.