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Morning or Evening Desert Safari? The Better Choice

Dubai is an incredible city with extensive lofty buildings, tremendously captivating hotels, colorful music fountains, and enormous shopping malls that persuades millions of tourists each year to enjoy its fabulous beauty. The ultimate choice of people of all ages Dubai desert safari is the most fascinating reason for tourists to explore this fantasy land.

 In the busy and hectic schedule of speedily going life, it’s an absolute pleasure to feel nature closely. And it is simply impressive to have this chance in the substantial golden gravel land Dubai desert safari. Different touring organizations propose an enormous assortment of packages regarding time, activities, and price. It’s a tough decision for tourists to choose between morning desert safari or evening desert safari, as both offer a vast quality of courageous activities.

Some Important and fascinating features of the morning and evening desert safari are listed below 

Morning Desert Desert Safari 

Among the most popular deals of Dubai desert safari Morning, a desert safari is the most exciting and traditional one. It’s easily understood from its name that it starts early in the morning around 9 am and at least about six consecutive hours. Visitors picked up from their suits and hotels and carried to the desert through the extravagant vehicle. After reaching the campsite there are a lot of audacious activities to cherish the moments. 

Reasons to Select Morning Desert Safari 

The major benefits of choosing morning desert safari are featured below 

More Room to Explore 

It’s a well-known fact that Dubai is a place of innumerable attractions to interact with tourists from around the world. It is quite impossible to explore all the iconic elements of this mesmerizing land. Most visitors give preference to morning and desert safari because it begins early and they can easily come back to their hotels before the sunset and reserve the remaining time to explore the city site. 

Less Crowd

Tremendously harsh weather during the daytime is a major reason for the limited public in morning desert safari. It’s the best delight for lonely souls to cherish the natural beauty without any hesitation in the morning desert safari.

Glorious Desert 

Morning desert safari facilitates its visitors to enjoy the peak of this wasteland beauty. Sparkling dunes sketch a very alluring impression that will capture your memories forever.

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Evening Desert Safari 

The most popular and enormously preferred by the tourists is the evening desert safari that begins before the sunset and warms the hearts of visitors with incredible sunset scenery. This fantastic package offers a lot of thrilling and fascinating activities that always keep alive in your heart 

Reasons to Select Evening Desert Safari 

The morning deal of desert safari comprises a lot of reasons to give it a preference over other desert safaris. Some major causes of its selection are summarized below 

Mild Climatic Conditions 

The sharp sun rays begin to drop their sparkling gleam with every passing moment, ultimately lowering the temperature and preventing your skin from the harsh effects of sunburn. As sunsets, the harsh weather transforms into a moderate one that is more acceptable for the tourists. 

Breathtaking Sunset Scenery 

The most splendid and mysterious view that is missing in the morning desert safari is the sunset view that paints the wasteland elegantly. It’s the fundamental reason to choose the evening package because no one can miss this chance to capture the endless glamor of this breathtaking view.

Live Concerts

Besides the numerous adventurous activities of camel ride, quad biking, jeep Rally, dunes smashing and many more evening desert safari also offers live music concerts and parties where expert belly dancers deliver a massive punch of amusement. 

Delicious Dining Feasts 

Selecting an evening safari is a delicious treat as the campsite serves the guests live BBQ meals under this package. This delighted Arabian traditional dinner is prepared live and offers separate dishes for veg and non-veg audiences. Fresh juices, drinks, and coffee are also available to solely feast the guests. 


The major advantage of taking evening desert safari over morning safari is its reasonable budget. It offers a more exciting journey in relatively less package 


Both the morning and evening desert safari offer a tremendous pact of amusing activities. Regardless of budget and time frame, desert safari in Dubai trip is an incredible opportunity to create long-lasting memories. So, choose the one that suits your requirements, and embark on this adventure-filled journey.