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In the ever-competitive landscape of retail brands, many are trying new and innovative ways to connect with their customers. The best of these brands, rising names like Noah, 18 East, and more, prioritize transparency and craftsmanship and consistently stake their reputation on both. The main aim of these clothing brands is to fulfill the need of the customers and simultaneously focus to maintain the aesthetic of the product. In a fast-paced industry that is perpetually evolving; introducing new and appreciable designs is important. California-based label Akashi-Kama is joining the tier of brands that place quality and craftsmanship at the forefront.

Alec Nakashima came into the limelight with Akashi-Kama and a fusion of Nikkei Japanese American design. Here are some of the core elements and background behind the rising brand.


Before launching Akashi Kama, Alec worked as a product manager in Silicon Valley. A trip to Japan brought a desire to Nakashima’s heart to create his label; this visit paid to his ancestral homeland which prompted him to ponder over specific styles and simplicity and to study the supplies which combined traditional Japanese clothing with American styles. Thus, the distinctive Akashi Kama entered the industry in 2018.


Nakashima founded the business because he was looking for traditional attire that could be worn in a modern, everyday style. The idea was that Asian Americans wanted to wear something that represented them fully. In the way of searching for something along the lines of legacy, fashion, uniqueness, and the confluence of American and Asian cultures, he decided that Akashi Kama could represent both of his cultures uniquely. The goal behind each of Akashi Kama’s products is to express the coexistence and blending of two separate cultures. It is a brand to which the most important component is to treat people from different cultures with respect and to guarantee that they do not subtract from, but rather enhance, the culture in the issue.

Undoubtedly, fashion is a good source of expressing one’s being; the brand has made marvelous use of the designs to fulfill two separate cultures. Moreover, Nakashima has used excellent material and has given the best focus to the finest details which make his attires admirable and the best-selling products out there! Akashi Kama is consistently modifying and bucking the trends of the fashion industry.

This rising brand has earned a huge reputation and popularity in such a short period of time. The designs have resonated with communities across the US. Owing to this, Nakashima was also honored as a recipient of The Japanese American National Museum’s 30 under 30 Change Makers Award.

Akashi Kama is a brand whose ideas and concepts are unlikely to be found in other brands. It has given a new sense and taste to its customers. The excellent fusion of this heritage in clothes has given people a new vantage point to discuss and adopt.