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lpvo vs magnifie


With most shooting rifles, you need to attach some kind of accessory. This is because taking a perfect aim is not something anyone can do.

Also, this becomes even more difficult with rifles such as AR-15 and Carbines. The most common among such accessories is a scope which helps to take an accurate aim.

Using a scope, you can not only increase precision and accuracy but also your speed. This is because making accurate shots becomes easier and saves time.

Thus, you can fire more shots in a given amount of time.

There are many different types of scopes but the LPVO scopes are the most popular nowadays. The use of traditional magnifiers is dying out but many still use them.

Many people use them in combination with red dot scopes.

In this article, we will compare both of these kinds of rifle scopes. Once you know their differences, you will be able to determine the better option.

You should keep in mind that the strengths of one kind might be the weakness of the other and vice versa.

LPVO vs Magnifier- A Comparison

LPVO vs Magnifier

Here are some of the things that you need to look for in any scope. An ideal combination of all these things makes your scope highly preferable.

We will compare them in an LPVO and a Magnifier + RDS combination.

1. Off-Angle View:

This part of a rifle scope is very important as the target is not always at a straight distance. You might need to keep your gun at an angle to shoot the target. In that case, viewing through the scope can be difficult. This is especially true for LPVOs which have limited space for vision.

On the other hand, a magnifier used with an RDS will not have this limitation. You can easily sim at the target even if your eyes and scope are not at the right angle.

2. Battery:

Your scope illumination runs on a battery which can run out. The RDS battery can last for up to a year. When used with a magnifier, this is very valuable. On the other hand, the LPVO battery does not last nearly as much.

However, even if the battery of LPVO runs out, you can still view the reticle. So, the scope still works just fine but it might cause problems in dark conditions such as night.

3. Precision:

Precision is a must-have for any rifle scope but it can be different for different scopes. In this case, LPVO is the clear winner because the reticle is very well-made. It even takes into account factors like bullet drop.

4. Speed:

Speed is also something you must have if you are a rifle user. While speed comes with practice, the scope has a big role to play in it. If the scope is easier to use accurately, your speed will ultimately increase.

In this case, both of the scopes offer almost the same speed. You cannot match the speed of a magnifier with RDS at close range. However, with enough practice, you can close the gap when using LPVO at 1x magnification.

5. Magnification:

This is quite obvious as an LPVO has a variable range of magnification. This can even go up to 6x or 8x. A magnifier on the other hand offers only one specific magnification. So, LPVO takes the lead again!

6. Cost:

While you should not compromise on the quality of your scope, you should not overspend as well. Buying a cost-effective riflescope can be just as important. An LPVO scope is quite expensive compared to a magnifier along with an RDS.

7. Durability:

Your riflescope must last you a long time so you don’t have to replace it too often. Shooters might deal with dangerous conditions so the scopes should be durable. Here, the magnifier takes the lead since LPVO is not as sturdy.

Wrapping It All Up!

From the above points, it is visible that both the scopes have their pros and cons. While LPVO exceeds in some areas, the magnifier and RDS combo take the lead in others. In any case, you need to know your preferences first.

Once you know your requirements, you can easily select the scope which better fits your needs. Also, manufacturing companies are always trying to overcome their shortcomings. So, you should also remain updated on the latest models.

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