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Low Fertility

Low Fertility in Developing Countries: Causes and Implications

Present among the 48.5 million couples of the whole world, infertility is a major thing of concern in every corner of the world. 15 out of 100 cannot make it possible to give birth to a child. The percentage becomes even greater when you talk about giving birth naturally. Medications and treatments are taken by many couples to produce children.

Low fertility rates and infertility are two different things, but these are closely related to each other. When you discuss low fertility rates, infertility is one of the reasons for these low rates. But infertility treatment can reduce this fact. Visiting an IVF treatment center in Lahore can solve your infertility problem.

Low fertility rates are common in both developed and developing countries. Low fertility rates simply refer to a decline in the number of children per woman in a country or specific geographic region. A continuous decrease in the rate can lead to various problems for the human population. There are several reasons for this decline in the birth rate.

If you discuss the developing countries, then the following are the reasons behind low fertility rates in them.

Economic Conditions

The economic condition of any country has a deep impact on the fertility rates in the country. When a country has poor economic conditions, its overall progress stops. The prices of everything started to go high. This leads to various problems for the common man.

So when you are living in a country where the prices are high due to unstable economic states, you will try to produce fewer children to make sure a better lifestyle for you and your family. So everyone tries to follow the same technique as this will result in the low number of family members means more opportunities. Economic conditions and stares of developing countries are not stable so there is a decline in the fertility rate.

Lack of Facilities

In developing countries, there might not be the availability of those facilities that are enjoyed by the residents of developed countries. In some under developing countries, there is a lack of basic facilities for life too. This lack of facilities is a big reason for low fertility rates. When people have no proper treatments or medications in government hospitals, they must definitely suffer from some dangerous syndromes.

At the time of birth, several complications also take place due to the same reason, and this results in some damage to the reproductive system of many females. It ends their possibility to give birth to new babies.

So the entire birth rate began to decrease in such countries and this decline results in the continuous down movement of the birth line on the graph.

Governmental Policies

You might not expect this, but this is a fact that various governmental policies can lead to low fertility rates in any country. Government has the responsibility to provide all the essential facilities to common people in all sorts of conditions. But when you talk about developing countries, the unstable economy comes in front of your eyes. This means that the government does not have enough resources to support a huge population.

Therefore, the only way the government seems easy is to plan strategies to lower the birth rate. The government spreads awareness among people to give birth to fewer babies than before. It tells them about the benefits of doing so. Free counseling centers were opened to do so as well. All these things result in the decline of the fertility rate.

Implications of Low Fertility Rates

Implications of low fertility rates might be different in different parts of the world depending upon the conditions. But there are some common results as well. If the birth rate continues to fall with this speed, this will result in the lack of the young generation in developing countries.

In Kerala, which is a state of India, the fertility rate is decreasing at such a pace that it is believed that if this continues for the next 25 to 30 years, then there will be no population in the future.

Despite these prevailing issues, infertility related problems, in both men and women, can now be solved, thanks to the implementation of modern technology. So, if you’re facing an infertility issue, taking an IVF treatment in Lahore can help you. Contact your doctor as earliest as possible for this purpose. 

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