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Lottery of life

Lotteries are a gamble, but many people still buy tickets. Lottery spending is the fastest-growing form of gambling in America. The average American spends about $200 on lotteries each year, which adds up to about $15 billion annually. And while some might be lucky and win a large jackpot prize, most lottery players will lose their money in the long run.

Expected Return

A recent study by the University of Michigan showed that over time, people who spend their money on lotteries have an expected return of -20%. That means for every dollar spent, they can expect to lose $0.80. As financial experts advise, if you want to gamble your money away with some chance of winning a big payout, it would be better to visit Las Vegas than purchase lottery sambad, Nagaland State Lottery, lottery result sambad and dhankesari tickets. But this doesn’t stop people from continuing to buy tickets.

Effort or Skill

One reason could be that lotteries promise a huge payoff without requiring any effort or skill on the part of the player, so it’s easier than other ways of betting. Another possible explanation is the near-miss effect. The near miss effect refers to when gamblers feel that a close call was close enough for them to have won something–even though it wasn’t close at all.

Millions Worth

For example, a person might think he just missed out on buying stock worth millions when it went public–even though he never had the chance to buy those stocks in the first place. Even worse, the near-miss effect may lead to depression, because it makes people regret not investing more in what they thought were good opportunities.

Jackpot Prize

Still, others buy into lotteries because they hope they’ll be able to quit their jobs and work fewer hours if they win the jackpot prize. But the odds of quitting your job are pretty slim–you’re only twice as likely to become disabled, unemployed, or widowed as you are to win the top prize. What’s more, even if you do happen to find yourself flush with cash after hitting a jackpot, your mental health may suffer as a result. It turns out that people who suddenly come into windfalls like inheritance and large sums of money on   lottery sambad, Nagaland State Lottery, lottery result sambad and dhankesari often have higher levels of stress hormones after receiving their payouts than before.

Negative Consequences

There’s also evidence that sudden wealth often leads to poor choices and negative consequences. Take for example the case of Shane Walton, whose parents gave him $320,000 during his senior year of college. He soon lost the entire sum through drug addiction and bad investments–including a failed dance studio business. Thankfully Shane has now turned his life around, but stories like his show how dangerous sudden wealth can be when people don’t know how to handle it responsibly. If you do buy a lottery ticket, it’s important to set aside a portion of the money for a rainy day fund.

Substantial Amount

This way, if you end up getting a substantial amount of money from the lottery, you’ll have savings and other assets to fall back on instead of going broke. If you’re going to be purchasing lottery tickets anyway, make sure you take the time to read the fine print. Not all lottery sambad, Nagaland State Lottery, lottery result sambad and dhankesari are created equally–some have a low probability of winning but offer high jackpots, while others have high probabilities of winning smaller prizes.

Lawyer and Accountant

Finally, if you do win the lottery it’s important to hire a lawyer and accountant to help guide your finances. Too many people end up losing their money when they go broke because they made some questionable decisions in the aftermath of their windfall. Just ask Shane Walton, whose parents gave him $320,000 during his senior year of college.


The moment he received the money he started living an extravagant lifestyle that involved drugs and risky investments. Once he spent every last penny, Shane was left with no resources whatsoever – not even enough to cover rent. Thankfully he managed to turn things around before it was too late by opening a grocery store with a friend.

Hard-Earned Cash

The moral is clear: Don’t blow your winnings! It may seem tempting to spend all your hard-earned cash once you’ve hit the jackpot, but chances are you’ll regret it later. Instead, save at least half of the prize and only purchase what items or services you need. It also pays to get professional financial advice; after all, there’s always someone who knows better than we do what we should do with our money.

Waste of Money

You probably already knew that playing the lottery sambad, Nagaland State Lottery, lottery result sambad and dhankesari is a waste of money. But do you realize how much of a waste it is? Research shows that, on average, people who play the lottery lose up to $750. The bottom line is this: It’s more than smart to avoid playing the lottery altogether. After all, what are the odds you’ll win?