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Looking to Hire SEO Company? Don’t Hire Before Reading This Information

Want to know how to find a dependable SEO freelancer?.Yes, I do know that finding the right SEO Company is not simple. A single mistake and you are ready to put your website, money and time at an increased risk. There are a lot of people in the SEO fraternity who follow unethical techniques. You will find individuals with less experience in the SEO industry who really don’t understand what is right and what is wrong. They do not know anything about latest search engines blogs updates. The shady search engine optimisation methodologies of 1990’s don’t work in 2020 No doubt these companies still follow methods which do not work to make money and deliver nothing for the clients. Unethical tactics and assembly line SEO methodology does not work anymore in 2020. If you give offer to someone with little experience then obviously they will do activities which are not right for your site and you will face the consequences.

How Hiring a Low-Cost SEO Firm can be a Big Problem

Penguin was one of the first important algorithmic upgrade launched by Google in 04/2012. All those web sites which did not followed the search engines guidelines on back links were affected by this up-date. EvenBefore 2012, Google knew about these black hat methods. They used to penalise the particular websites by manually penalising them. All these dishonest methods unfortunately used to work in the short term and hence the SEO agencies used to make clients satisfied and make money. It is most certain that if deceitful procedures are implemented, then the web site will be completely penalised. Although, Google penalties can be recovered but only in case when you know how to recover and what to restore from. The biggest dilemma is your SEO organisation who will remove all the communications in the search console for any penalty. You will struggle to find out the reason behind your ranking drops or visitors drop due to this. I know that most people will say that they will change the SEO Company and sort this, yet it will still be difficult. Reports make life easy for organisations to locate concerns and alternatives, however without reports they will struggle.

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Top 3 things to expect from a reliable Digital Marketing Agency

1)Long Term SEO Marketing Approach.

Approach not Techniques. SEO is a channel which delivers results in long-term.

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If you are usually looking for short term quick results then probably you should go for Google PPC. PPC will help you generate business leads in no-time by placing your ad on page one of Google. Adwords has a huge display network which could also be used for branding campaigns. White hat search engine optimisation or Ethical SEO is actually the right way to do search engine optimisation. If search engine optimization is carried out the white hat approach then the web-site cannot be penalised ever. On-page search engine optimization should be the main focus in 2020 where content is the king and site structure is the queen. We recommend that you talk to your SEO company and ask them to properly follow these as a part of their SEO project.

2)Link Building Strategy

Building back links is vital for ranking on tough keywords and hence should always be a part of your search engine optimisation plan. Building links is different nowadays where you actually need a marketing and advertising person to connect with bloggers like a public relation specialist. You should definitely ask your search engine optimization firm about their link building approach. It really is critical to review reports after every week or 2 months to see where we are with every thing. It’s not the number of web links which often matters but the level of quality of link which has been built. I personally say this because finding a important link normally takes a lots of effort hunting for blogs websites using facebook, Search engines and other tools.

3) Genuine Reporting

Transparency in reports is what you should request from your current SEO Company. Ask for an on-site-on-page and off-page reports plan before starting any SEO project. on-page SEO should be noted in a report by your SEO Company|It would be good to have reports in Google docs about on-site modifications. I prefer Google docs because of the real-time monitoring advantage. Reporting keeps you and your SEO Company on their toes. Google sheets are best for maintaining the back link records. The actual reports will be helpful in long term to look at the live and dead links.

My Last Suggestion

If you are working with a known SEO agency then I think you actually are in safe hands. I really feel sorry about people who who make a decision to work with SEO agency based upon just the pricing. SEO experts should be considered more like a partners who can increase the value of your company, so it is essential that you find the company wisely.

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