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Looking for the Perfect Match? A Matchmaker Can Help!

Singles are having a harder time than ever finding love! Why? The dating landscape continues to change, and people can’t keep up. They are either moving too fast or slow, looking in the wrong places, or falling on their faces instead of falling in love. Good news! There is one approach that has withstood the test of time and remains one of the most effective methods for finding the perfect match. Matchmaking! This probably brings to mind the Disney movie “Mulan,” but matchmaking isn’t just for a kid’s films. It’s for adults looking for love and a healthy, committed relationship

How does it work?

You might be wondering, how does the process work? According to celebrity matchmaker Brandan Rader “There are two main models: client-to-client or client-to-public.” Client-to-client means a matchmaker only matches within their pools of paying clients. Brandan says, “this can be limiting if the right match for a client isn’t within their pool of paying clients.” Client-to-public means a matchmaker searches the entire public for a client’s perfect match. Brandan calls people who are selected from the public as a match for his clients “Candidates.” But other matchmakers may use terms like database members or potentials.

Why is matchmaking so effective?

Brandan reports, “a skilled matchmaker knows where to search and how to vet for high-caliber singles.” Matchmakers maximize a client’s time. Let’s face it, the dating process can be a full-time job and if you already have one of those, making time can be a challenge. Imagine, while you’re working and living your life, you have a matchmaker searching for love on your behalf. Talk about a stress relief. Some matchmakers even schedule the first date for you! Brandan says, “helping people make room for love in their life starts with helping two people coordinate their schedules. Love doesn’t just happen by chance; people need to make room for it.”

What kind of people can I expect to meet?

One of the biggest opportunities for matchmaking clients is meeting people they would have likely never met before. Master matchmakers like Brandan Rader have access to high-caliber singles from all over the world. He says,” the world is your oyster when you hire a client-to-public matchmaker.” If you’re not finding the right type of people for you in your current circle, you need to expand your network. Dating on the same apps and visiting the same social scenes leaves you trapped in the same failed dates.

Can a matchmaker help me find love?

Brandan emphatically states, “a matchmaker can introduce you to a high-caliber single that has the potential to grow into love.” Makes sense! Of course, it would be nice we everyone could fall in love and first sight but for most of the world—love takes time.However, a good matchmaker can help you get there faster by facilitating the dating process.Brandan also says, “people are often looking for the wrong things in a romantic partner which are typically the cause of failed romantic endeavors,” Thus, matchmakers can provide a professional perspective that can guide people towards the potential of healthy love. Let’s be honest, we don’t know what we don’t know, and our loved one’s can be our blind spot. So, a matchmaker might be the best sherpa to  love!

You may be thinking, “SIGN ME UP!” If so, or you’re curious about learning more, I suggest working with Brandan Rader. He is one of the top matchmakers in the industry with a confirmed success rate of 90%.

Brandan Rader, M.S.–The Matchmaker to Know

Brandan Rader has helped over one-hundred people find love through matchmaking and dating coaching.  He has worked for the biggest matchmaking companies in the US and has honed his matching abilities with some of the best industry experts, like Patti Stanger from “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” He is now one of the most sought-after experts nationally.

In addition to matchmaking and dating coaching, Brandan is an award-winning psychological researcher. His original research and extrapolations on well-founded theories helped him create an inimitable proprietary approach.In fact, he has created coaching programs for other matchmaking companies and helped them refine their processes to be more effective. If you want to meet high-caliber singles, if you’re looking for your match, if you’re ready for love—what are you waiting for? You can connect with Brandan on Instagram @brandanraderoffical or apply for his matchmaking services at