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Google Algorithm Updates
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Life-saving Ways To Handle The Google Algorithm Updates

Generally, each and every year more than five hundred times a Google Search Engine Algorithm receives updates. Some of them literally have no impact or do not get any of the scopes of SEI. There is a list of updates each and every year influencing a concerned website’s ranking and shake the entire industry. As every one of us knows more and more speculations are taking place globally on these updates. In most of the situations, it is better to be patient, follow guidelines in order to make the right decisions. 

Importance Of Google Algorithm

Typically, a Google search engine depends on the complicated algorithm system where its main job is to search data, deliver a better result for a concerned query. The gigantic search engine combines a list of algorithms along with ranking factors to order web pages by relevance order on SERP. On the other side of the flip, a list of Google updates has complied for nearly twenty years back. Both mobile first and Medic updates are the noted ones. 

Google has made huge changes and it seems to look like that sites are completely disappeared and later it was back completely. It is one and only algorithm when trying to figure out and also settles itself. At any case, do not make any of irrational movement. A best corporate SEO team helps clients in all ways and do not fail to fulfill their expectations. The experts are trying to update a better search experience and deliver for users. Always make sure that there is no spam and provide the best options available one. 

Understand The Initials

It is easier to say but do not get any shock!! Google does not share any of the extensive lists of changes and it gives some hints of what is going on. The techies are constantly working to increase algorithm and also build to optimize. Some of the websites were penalized and it viewed huge improvement too. On the other side of the flip, not all the websites reacted in the same manner and some were penalized too. In case if a website follows all the SEO guidelines, there won’t be many changes. After a few days, just notify changes that have a great impact on the sites. Be ready to take a vivid picture at the right time and make a clear comparison later on, so that a clear decision can be made. 

Follow Valid SEO References

One and only the search industry is made of scams, there are other resources that do not share any proper guide once a Google update is processing. Some of the resources share their own experience created on their own websites or studies. 

Examine For Overall Traffic And Positions 

Evaluation of overall traffic including positions is one of the best ways to see whether there is any possibility of impacting or not. An analytics tool or a rank tracker tools helps to explore drops. Google Search Console is one of the best starts to get noticed in case if the average keyword position has evolved in a skeptical manner. Wavering in different positions indicate that the update has honored some of the competitors. It is best to take sufficient time to analyze a list of possibilities and explore traffic & positions over time. 

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Analyze The Entire Website

Next major step is to execute a comprehensive audit in order to determine a reliable source. Here a four pillars covers which form the base. 


Content is one of the important elements in the ranking of a website. One can easily identify duplicates, thin content and missing tags. Go ahead with different positions, competitor’s content on subjected strategic keywords. 


The backlinks play a major role when obtaining penalized. An important point to be noted that the unnatural links are the major source of penalties and tools such as Majestic analyzes overall backlink profile exit on spammy ones. Most of the irrelevant text comes from poor quality websites. If a site has received more keyword anchored links, it is not a problem. Any intention of purpose creation, then it is a major problem. 


Whenever there it is a new update, it might drag the website twice in order to reconsider web pages. Then examine for log files in order to spot for clues to visit of any web pages. The assistance paths should be clear one with flexible paths. It is also better to check for canonicals, sitemaps, and no index rules, etc. 

User Experience

The user experience has gained the most significant importance and the user behavior have seen a great influence on particular SEO visits. Make sure that both desktop and mobile are not restraining visitors. 

Go For Other Options

In case if Google is moving for a major update, facing drops, it does not directly mean that one has been influenced by this specific update. In the Google Search Console, the manual actions are not just a manual penalty. Mostly, try to solve it, submit a website for reconsideration once it is corrected. Check whether Google Analytics code has been removed or not.  Drops are due to negative SEO attack and the best is to move along the data-driven process. 

A Process On Relevant Plan 

Once the issues are identified, just start processes on a series of prioritizing actions. They may be a critical one and hence it is important to the red flag that has a greater effect on the penalty. At the same time, it also helps to track development stages and monitor result too. Be confident to implement correction and explore the positive impact on the penalty. A the same time, integrate all the corrections, or you will not be able to find what is working and to what needed to avoid in the future. 

Summarizing Up!!

Once Google announces major updates, follow the above-discussed steps before processing any of corrections. Always process SEO in the right ways such as targeting on user experience with better content and getting reliable links from trustworthy services.   

Muhammad Asad Raza

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